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  1. Are we able to get gifts from under the tree in the caves? I've been trying....
  2. Yeah I found that odd as hell as well. It's funny though haha.
  3. I think it's smarter not to take out his deers lol because he seems so much harder when he's buffed than when he's with the deers alive. I wonder if there's a spawn for Klaus with the deers via console commands.
  4. So basically like Dragonfly's rage mode and changes color. Klaus rages by getting buffier/bigger?
  5. I can't help but notice that there's 2 types of Klaus. 1 where you put in the incorrect keys from the No-Eyed Deers Antlers into the Loot Sack and then the one that is spawned from a command. (In my case the "Too Many Items" Mod). One has No-Eyed Deer guards while the other Klaus is just solo. The Buffier Klaus is super hard, it took like 6 stacks or so Gunpowder to kill it. How is the Buffier one spawned then?
  6. I'm crazy late on this but I was in Autumn for no more than 6 days then it changed to Winter..went into caves for light bulbs to make a Lantern then poof!!! straight to Spring season lol. This is so confusing.
  7. Bee Queen Hat? Good to know Klei listens to suggestions Threw this idea at 'em right after I've played the Cute Fuzzy Animals Update.
  8. Not only that but I have no Glommer in my world
  9. I'm almost at Day 1,000 and haven't seen any Pengull's passed Day 100 or so.
  10. Happens to me as well all of the time. I get owned by the time I try to hit them again.