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  1. Mr. Bones' body suddenly glowed a bright white. A moment later, the silhouettes of both Pyro and Chris could be seen separating from Mr. Bones.
  2. Mr.Bones was playing some games, fortunately, he had a computer and it was connected to a surprisingly new-ish TV. He and Paxtonnn were playing various different games and it was fun. "IF YOU SEE THIS, THIS IS PYRO, HE WANTS TO GO BACK TO BEING HIMSELF AND NOT SOMEBODY ELSE HE WANTS TO SEPARATE, PLEASE SEND HELP" And then Mr.Bones got bored and fell asleep on the couch.
  3. "Either we could take turns, or I could watch, I don't really mind."
  4. (I don't think they decided to participate) Mr.Bones is still confused on what to play, but eventually comes to a decision. "Portal 2 doesn't sound bad, actually."
  5. Mr.Bone's gets off the train, it goes into their hat. "DID SOMEBODY SAY VIDEO GAMES?" Mr.Bones asked with enthusiasm, "It just so happens I've got a couple games!" Mr Bones pulls out Pyro's Steam Library from the same hat as the Train was in, containing games like Unturned, Speed Runners, Fallout 4, and both Payday: The Heist and it's sequel; Payday 2. "Pyro also has Minecraft." Mr.Bones says as a copy of Minecraft falls onto the pile of games.
  6. "My dear Toast... er... skeletoast, I have many abilities. Bone attacks, train attacks. Summoning this train is one thing I can do." The train is going around the living room.
  7. "Uhm, what are we doing?" "I dunno..." "Me either." "Shall we go on a ride?" "sure..." Bones summoned a miniature model train, just barely big enough for the fusion and started riding down the hall.
  8. The Pyro part of Mr.Bones started to freak out a bit, but then stopped. "Well, that's good. I guess I'll just be heading back to the living room, we've got a lot of the house to cover so I'm wondering where we should start." Instead of using the couch, Mr.Bones decided to just sit on the floor. They very cold floor. He didn't just sit though, he was lying down. Lying down on the cold floor that probably was really dusty. Thankfully, there was a equally as dusty and dirty old rag that Mr.Bones was resting on.
  9. "Oh, that's cute. Do you guys think they have spider cider?" Bones asked, bending down in front of one of the spider groups at work. (You guys saw NOTHING!)
  10. The Chris part of Mr Bones finally awoke. "Hm? What's goin~ooh, a cookie." Mr Bones downed the cookie without a second thought. "Man, you sure can get hungry, Pyr~...Bones? I dunno..." Mr Bones quickly nabbed the candy bowl and threw it in his incinerator-stomach. "There, nice and safe for the ride ahead." Bones exclaimed, patting his stomach-furnace.
  11. Mr.Bone's had a pack of Mint-Chocolate Oreo's in a hand he was about to eat one. "No. These are my-er-ours, not anyone else's. Don't you dare think of eating our cookies." It was clear that Mr.Bones was really getting confused whether they were really an individual or 2 different idiots individuals.
  12. Mr.Bones thought for a bit he really didn't know what to do. He was laying on the floor when he realized he felt like he was forgetting something. Then it came to him. Oh, I forgot about the cookies in the kitchen. I think I bought them for the sole purpose of feeding myself. He then realized 2 other people were heading into the kitchen when he got up. "I'll just join the crowd and follow them into the kitchen if that's okay." Something from the Pyro part of Mr.Bone's is that his attacks can require lots of energy. The energy is usually from carbohydrates, but it's usually whatever Pyro eats he uses that for energy in attacks. Mr.Bones just seemed to carry this trait. Oh, that, and Pyro's eat a lot. Mr.Bones carried that trait too.
  13. "Oh, Mezzal, you're a fusion. Two conscious people sharing one body. Their minds are like two sides of a brain. Hasn't TV ever taught you anything?"
  14. "Paxton! What a pleasant surprise!" Mr. Bone's exclaimed excited. He was laying on a worn-out couch.