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  1. Cassizzy's gnawing slowed as she became aware of the argument taking place between Zena and the skelemech. She stopped for a second, then tore a large chunk of wood away from the table with a crack, noisily chewing the MAHOGANY before forcing the wooden chunks to her cheeks. A second later, her head whipped around towards Zena, and she spat a shower of high-velocity wooden splinters at the fishy fusion. She licked the inside of her mouth, then grinned. "Seems you've forgotten about the real pun master here, amigo."
  2. Did you really just say 'nice of you to join us'? Yeah. Sorry. Cassizzy squinted at herself, scratching her head. She watched as some of them wandered off, stretching her back out enough for a loud crack to echo throughout the room. She edged towards the food, and pointed at the wooden table. "You guys know me so well!" she exclaimed, glancing down at it. "I oak wood!"
  3. Cassizzy lay sprawled out on the floor, in a position usually reserved for boneless chickens. As soon as the others had started waking up and noticing one another, she grunted, stretched out all six of her arms, and rolled over onto her chest. "Uuugh. I don't wanna get up." Nevertheless, after a minute of just lying there, she sucked in a breath and pushed herself up off the floor. For a fusion, she seemed remarkably stable, or at the very least quite comfortable with her form. After getting up, she took a moment to brush a stray lock of fur out of her face, then looked out at the other fusions with a distinct lack of interest before noticing Paxton. "Oh, hey, Paxton. Nice of you to join us for this...uh...whatever-this-is." She turned her head, then under her breath snickered "You're so tiny now!"
  4. Tbh this is my favorite monster!wilson thing like ever
  5. You're really good at mimicking Jamie Hewlett and mixing it with Don't Starve!