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  1. well looks like its up to the dev (if they even notice or care.) to make the decision i have a natural gas/hydrogen vent but there both dormant this ins't just about power with the inclusion of the jetpack station im using much more petroleum then i making i have a decent supply of crude oil but still...
  2. look i just want a machine that automatically refine crude oil so i could keep my petroleum generators , and my polymer press factory running. i construct a base on the surface i need the the plastic and power to run it
  3. i do i just haven't completed a rocket yet
  4. i already did that and i already made it space cause i need to clear out out all the unnecessary gases
  5. I'm not using debug mode for this world .
  6. Yeah the aqua tuner method isn't working for me i only keep making it overheat before i make any crude oil
  7. Hey Devs would it be possible if you could make a machine that automatically refines crude oil because the at manual oil refinery isn't making petroleum fast enough it taking too long, especially when the duplicant's are too busy doing 101 things