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  1. So my problem is that DST keeps on crashing after 5 minutes after I start the game. The error message is "dontstarve_steam.exe hast stop working" nothing else happens until I colse the game. I already tried: -reinstalling -deleting mods, cache_mods, database, the documents part ect ect. (almost tried everything with that one) -having no mods installed at all -reinstalling VCRedist and DXRedist -veryfieing game files -restarting computer after mst of the steps I lookes at the client log.txt after every crash but I canĀ“t make out the error because I dont know the meaning of most of the messages in it. Ill also will include it as an attatchment. Im realy clueless about what I still can do considering it worked like 1 month ago. I realy hope someone can help me with my problem. PS: I got Windows 10 and an AMD grafics card. client_log.txt