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  1. Hello again , we're working on a new mod and ran into the same problem , assets aren't working besides iventoryimage and modicon this compiler works this time but we cannot ell if the problem is in the spriter project or the codes leviathanTEST.zip
  2. Frostmourne

    Version 1.01


    Steam Workshop version ThereIsNoSpoon Mod Team presents you : Frostmourne , the cursed runeblade of the Lich King Since we found other Frostmourne mods to be problematic we take liberty on ourselves to make a good one ----------------------------------------------------- Frostmourne is intended to be a very late game overpowered weapon Strengths : - 100 cold damage ( 3 hits to freeze Beefalo ) - Light source , dropping Frostmourne on the ground provides a light source , also a small light when equip - Lifesteal 10 health per hit - Infinite Durability Weaknesses : - Attack speed is half as fast as normal weapons - Movement speed reduced to 80% , Frostmourne is a cold burden for your feet - Sanity drain 0,5/s when equip , Frostmourne is also a heavy burden for your mind and soul ----------------------------------------------------- Blueprint ( requires Shadow Manipulator ) - 20 Living Logs - 10 Moon Rocks - 5 Purple Gems - 1 Dark Sword due to being OP , Frostmourne's blueprint is hard for balance ----------------------------------------------------- Hope you'll enjoy our mod , please report any bugs in the comments and see you guys soon with more weapon mods from us ! Credits : DMNT4798 - Lead Scripting Myself - Spriting DmcVergil98 - Support Scripting Special thanks to Lumina for helping us out with our errors in the script and spriter projects when we were in time of need
  3. Thank you for the help , we followed your fix and now everything is working perfectly
  4. Also I wanna ask why does it compile sprites normally in the incorrect folder structure yet doesnt when I tried to follow the tutorial's structure
  5. He said he scripted it from scratch from reading Klei's and modders' scripts I'm not a coder so I have no idea what is what And yes I did remade the Spriter Projects fron scratch in new locations
  6. Me and my friends are working on a hand slot equippable item loosely following this tutorial My friend ran into a problem that the ground_item is using swap_item sprites and swap_item sprites is invisible Even though its compiled correctly in anim folder frostmourne_q.rar I went and tried myself , notice in the tutorial specified the path "exported > 1st myitem folder > 2nd myitem folder > myitem.png" and saving the .scml from Spriter on the 1st myitem folder However when i do this the compiler failed to find myitem.png and swap_myitem.png frostmourne_n.rar We are not entirely sure where is our problems coming from , the prefabs or the the spriting department , because when i sad we "loosely" followed the tutorial , i meant he used DST API instead of the one from the tutorial Thank you in advance
  7. Finn the Human [DST]

    I really love this mod , this is my favorite mod so far , he is well balanced , the Sword is great , it does a good job gathering resources but also trades Finn's sanity to recover durability from killing , also provides a decent not overpowered protection againts early game threats like Hounds and Shadow Creatures , his sanity is fun to have , its easy to lost yet also easy to heal , which keeps me active on killing animals and making Straw Roll to sleep Overall its a great character mod , fun to play , balanced and not too far from the originals , though its still tricky for me to survive through summer even with Endothermic Fire
  8. Finn the Human [DST]

    i noticed that rabbits dont run away from Finn ?