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  1. Version 1.01


    Steam Workshop version ThereIsNoSpoon Mod Team presents you : Frostmourne , the cursed runeblade of the Lich King Since we found other Frostmourne mods to be problematic we take liberty on ourselves to make a good one ----------------------------------------------------- Frostmourne is intended to be a very late game overpowered weapon Strengths : - 100 cold damage ( 3 hits to freeze Beefalo ) - Light source , dropping Frostmourne on the ground provides a light source , also a small light when equip - Lifesteal 10 health per hit - Infinite Durability Weaknesses : - Attack speed is half as fast as normal weapons - Movement speed reduced to 80% , Frostmourne is a cold burden for your feet - Sanity drain 0,5/s when equip , Frostmourne is also a heavy burden for your mind and soul ----------------------------------------------------- Blueprint ( requires Shadow Manipulator ) - 20 Living Logs - 10 Moon Rocks - 5 Purple Gems - 1 Dark Sword due to being OP , Frostmourne's blueprint is hard for balance ----------------------------------------------------- Hope you'll enjoy our mod , please report any bugs in the comments and see you guys soon with more weapon mods from us ! Credits : DMNT4798 - Lead Scripting Myself - Spriting DmcVergil98 - Support Scripting Special thanks to Lumina for helping us out with our errors in the script and spriter projects when we were in time of need
  2. I really love this mod , this is my favorite mod so far , he is well balanced , the Sword is great , it does a good job gathering resources but also trades Finn's sanity to recover durability from killing , also provides a decent not overpowered protection againts early game threats like Hounds and Shadow Creatures , his sanity is fun to have , its easy to lost yet also easy to heal , which keeps me active on killing animals and making Straw Roll to sleep Overall its a great character mod , fun to play , balanced and not too far from the originals , though its still tricky for me to survive through summer even with Endothermic Fire
  3. i noticed that rabbits dont run away from Finn ?