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  1. Tried playing DST with my brother today, and after updating the game, he and I tried to make a game so we could both play. It all worked fine and dandy for him, but I was unable to select any character once joining his game. I could flick through them, but not actually pick a character and join. Even when we disabled every mod, still no luck. Not even hitting Random did the trick. So after restarting the game, I tried to make a game to see if it was on my end, and sure enough I can't even do that. I can put in all the details, but clicking on 'create game' does absolutely nothing. I click and there's nothing. The button doesn't even change color to show my mouse is on it. We already went through and confirmed/validated the game to make sure, and on restarting the game (and Steam), I can't click any of the little Klei buttons under the adorable spider plush. Nothing is working. Even changed the batteries in my mouse and no change! Please help.