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  1. Annoying poop sound (hamlet)

    I got this on open world...when I check with geometric placement, its like there is something there but actually there nothing there
  2. RoG & Hamlet Compatibility

    I set my world with RoG and SW compatible...character : Wilson...add ons : ice fling range check, smart crook pot, geomatic placement. I played until day 45 but... 1. there is no Deciduous Forest biomes and desert biomes and their things like birchnut tree, gloomer statue, catcoons, hounds mound, tumbleweed, cacti, buzzard etc 2. no giants. deerclops did not appear. yeah maybe sometimes there is an error but i think its not appear. 3. no spring. only autumn and winter. rabbit hole and bees too not affected. there is no red bees on spring and rabbit hole not collapsed 4. no depth worm 5. I set my world with no goblers and yet it still appeared. and If I customized my world, click apply, but when I check it again, all become defaults again... 6. the save logo little bit strange...first one on SW, but 2nd one on DS... 7. I use steam, PC. but strange my laptop its ok...I just install dont starve on my PC like a week ago and my laptop has been instaled before hamlet. but my laptop have hamlet DLC I gave save data...hope its help boot_modindex modindex morgue motd_image profile saveindex saveindex_hamlet_beta_backup survival_1
  3. (abandoned) Always On Status

    not compatible with me too...ROG
  4. so I want to play RoG with WX in save files no 2 map config : - start : autumn - gobbler : none - deerclops : lots already days 4...I save and login again, creating the new map again...and if u link RoG game with SW, the save logo become SW...if u didnt link it, the save logo still RoG... I looked at save folder, survival_2 not created... I tried other save slot, no 3 and 4, the result is same...the world files not generated I tried RoG and SW without map config, with WX and Wilson but the result is same... I can play but can't save it so I cant play other than save 1 save files no 1 is fine...but ruins wont created...already submit this error in other thread before I realize it, once error happen...u know the background like wood and theres a program error writen like attachment but I didnt screenshot it (the attachment error pic not mine) DISABLECLOUD = false if become true, my saved files wont out...all saved files and characters that I gained is I just leave it to false) sync with steam = off I attached save files and log...hope Klei will fix this... update!! I tried with disable cloud true, the game become normal again (I can saved it, and I tried cave and normal...dunno about ruins) but theres no save files in save folder...other characters except wilson closed again and I cant play my previous new DS ds error remote + log.rar
  5. if I change disablecloud to true, my DS cant load my files...all 5 slots is new game
  6. I think I have same I cant logout from ruins...if I try to log out, my knowledge and item all disappear...everytime I go down to ruins, DS always made a new map...but in save folder, theres no ruins map...I'll send the log and my save file here...and I have a problem with "day" save files...but I'll just turn off sync with steam...and problem solved... remote + log.rar
  7. so I already tried 2 times and both of the save files have same problem...I got DS from steam while enter cave or ruins, usually the map files will created right? but not in my computer...there's no ruins file...when I in ruins and logout, and tried to back in game again, the loading is like when we first time enter cave or ruins...and my item, knowledge all gone...and I look at saved files there is no ruins file...hope klei can fix it...thx 1 more...the first save is wierd...the save have day like pic I sent to you...if I sync with cloud, that file wont erase (always creating each time I enter DS even though I already deleted it) I dont know if this usefull but I sent my game files...I dont know about game mechanism either, and Im not good at computer patient with me ^^ boot_modindex cave_1_1_1 cave_2_1_1 cave_3_1_1 morgue profile saveindex survival_1