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  1. I never set inst.components.floatable.useownripples, so it should be nil. I want to use the buildin ripples, but don't know how the "OverrideSymbol" works. What do I need to do in my custom animation?
  2. Even though I used "MakeInventoryFloatable", there is still no ripple. I checked staffs.zip. No ripple texture was found.
  3. Double click SuperWallMaker.exe instead of SWM_Main.exe.
  4. What is this? This is a customization tool (windows 32bit standalone application) for the mod Super Wall. (mod link) Use it to create wall sets for the "super wall fast build tool" and place a set of walls with just one click in game. How to use it? Double click SuperWallMaker.exe to launch the app! Your design can be saved into ".swmdata" files temperarily. Generate LUA codes and put them into "superwall_custom.lua" to use them in game! If you don't know how to use it, click "Help" after the app launched. ==========================Change log========================== 1.18: Ancient Wall and Hedges are added! 1.17: Now you can double click swmdata file to open it with the tool. Park fence and gate(from the Gorge) are added! Download this tool: SuperWallMaker1.8.zip Example files: hedges.swmdata (double click it and open with SuperWallMaker.exe) superwall_custom.lua (put it into the root folder of DS or DST, e.g. "\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together")