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  1. Year of the Horse. ...Which kind of makes me want a Hat skin that replaces your normal head with a Clockwork Knight version of this:
  2. Yep. Had to actually join a server for it to drop, but it popped immediately. I was confused for a bit, because PC players seemed to get it upon booting up the game, but I got it. ...It didn't take the place of one of our 4 weekly drops did it?
  3. Are PS4 players going to have the chance to get the "Clucky Winter Hat" loyal skin like PC players? I was under the impression that they received it when logging in, but I haven't gotten one.
  4. "Fumeagator" A Pun? A Play on "Fumigation" and "Fume" + "Alligator"? Methinks could be a new boss? That level of punage is usually reserved for major enemies and bosses.
  5. As an Art Major and someone who has bought way too much Phthalo Blue, I can promise you that it's pronounced "THAY-LOW". It's a good midtone blue. Basically Unclouded Sky Color. Not too bright not too dark. And not too cooperative for mixing in most cases.
  6. Is it though? Because not only do you have to kill a Dragonfly in order to get a Lavae Egg, you have to get lucky when killing a Dragonfly in order to get the Lavae Egg (It's not a guaranteed drop). Requiring a Lavae to make a Broodling makes me feel like it's not outrageous at all for it drop a single Scales item every week so. And it's not like Scales are the only reason to kill Dragonflies anymore, what with the Scaled Furnace Blueprint now being in game. All that having Scales drop a little easier does is let you make more Scaled Chests/Floors/Armor.
  7. You know what could be a neat feature? If the critters dropped a related item every few days. Would make the high cost for some of them worth it (You know, if having an adorable tiny animal isn't enough of a reward for you). Maybe every 6-9 days your pet drops an item? Kittycoon could drop something from the Catcoon's Gift table because they're just as prone to eating anything as an adult. Vargling could drop a Hound's Tooth because they're teething from growing. Ewelet could drop a Steel Wool because they're shedding fur from growing. Broodling could drop Scales because they're shedding skin from growing. Glomglom could drop Glommer's Goop because it's just a tinier Glommer. It would work out great because the requirements to make some of the more difficult pets could pay off (Especially with how hard it is to get a Lavae for the Broodling).
  8. Baby Animals are an amazing addition! And who's to say they'll stop there? How about Baby Batilisks, or Baby Volt Goats, or Baby Koalefants, or Baby Beefalo, or Baby Splumonkies? Or... OR...! How about Baby GIANTS!?
  9. Literally no effort required! Just boot up your game after updating and they'll be sitting in your collection (until they're removed after the Halloween events).
  10. Black Licorice is his favorite. ... I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON I LIKED PLAYING AS MAXWELL SO MUCH.
  11. RAISINS AND CORN!? What kind of sick, twisted person would give those out on the most Hallowed of Eves!? (Apples are alright, as long as they have been candied)
  12. (Also added Halloween skins, you sneaky devils!)
  13. Didn't see it mentioned anywhere, but just logged into PS4 version (after updating to 1.06) and I can wear all the Halloween costumes!
  14. Personally haven't gotten any to drop, and I've been getting all 4 items a week since it came out on PS4 (except the first week. Only got 3 then because there were only 2 days before reset). It's impossible to say unless someone from the devs came out and said either way.