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  1. Sick of people joining servers and setting things on fire or stealing all the food. Well Team Kronik's Vanilla Almond server is for you. Keeping the basics of the game our server employs basic mods to make the game flow better and eliminate griefing. We are looking to expand our community please see the links below. To find our servers simply search the word "Kronik" in the game filter. Team Kronik Website Team Kronik Steam Group
  2. Team Kronik has introduced a whole new experience for DST. Our MMORPG server has a ingame shop, achievements, and a brand new world. Our world has brought cave content to the surface with many customized biomes. All actions contribute to levels and players earn money by killing various mobs. Lastly, for all you League of Legends fans, we have added a few LoL characters to the game alongside the traditional ones. Come experience DST in a whole new and dangerous world. To find our servers simply seach the word "Kronik" in the game filter. Team Kronik is always looking for a few good men. See the links below on how to join us. Team Kronik Steam Group Team Kronik Website