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  1. She remembered his favourite holiday drink D,: also I stole "angst-nog" from @TheBlob's blog <3 Webber- "Whatcha drinkin' Mr. Maxwell?" Maxwell- "Angst-nog."
  2. Willow loves her critter baby! Inspired by last week's Doodle Jam Love those live illustrations, I learn so much! [also I love Toni (Tony?)] [and May's Pun-itis. He's as cute as a handful of mismatched buttons.]
  3. Wilson isn't sure how he feels being done on acrylic. Not too shabby since I've only been doing oil and watercolors for the past 12 months. Any acrylic painters out there with tips, tricks or advice?
  4. "Maxwell's luscious lips" omg I love it also here's a thing! <3
  5. More KittyKisses! I think Max would be a cat person. Mostly because I am a cat person and play as Maxwell.
  6. And he still maintains an incredibly positive attitude about everything <3 such a sweet character
  7. I can see that. Parentsl vengeance trumps cuteness for sure! *huh didn't realise catcoons attacked Webber. I mean I should have but it didn't cross my mind* i could never be Webber ):
  8. Much more humane than the first one!
  9. Scientist's best friend <3 digital art practice. argh
  10. winter is coming! this started out as me trying to make a pretty "fine art" landscape that turned into "Or, right? Or...no." and then a cute salt and pepper Wilson <3 don't look at his left shoulder. Please.
  11. Where/ what is the "Wilson is not responsible" thing? sorryimoutoftheloopandhaventplayedinawhile
  12. Just ignore the blank square in the bottom right. It's Maxy's fault. Definitely.
  13. This is the greatest thing since canned bread