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  1. This game lags like hell for me and I have 32GB or RAM with a GTX970... Hamlet is even worse now
  2. I started a game in hamlet, then travelled to a shipwrecked world. I crafted the Brain of thoughts and equipped it. The volcanic tab doesn't appear, even if I wear the brain of thought inside the volcano. I then travelled to a ROG wolrd, equipped the brain of thoughts, couldn't access the ancient tab. TLDR; Brain of thoughts doesn't allow access to volcanic tab/ ancient tab in shipwreck/ROG worlds. It works as usual for items from other tabs though.
  3. Same here, I use a Xbox controller and I've never been able to craft anything with the renovate tab inside the house. Crafting houses outside with the key to the city works fine though.
  4. I have the same issue, all turfs that I dug out are invisible, both when digging them out but also later when dropping them on the ground. However craftable turfs (cobblestones and snakeskin rugs) are fine.
  5. I have the same problem, impossible to hammer coral reefs to get coral larvas... I play with a controller, when I press B to hammer it down the boat just goes indefinitly towards the reef but doesn't do anything else, very annoying!
  6. Thanks a lot! I disabled steam cloud and it indeed fixed the problem For anyone wondering, I still had to copy my save files from Steam\userdata\************\219740\remote\ to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\save\, if I just disable the steam cloud without doing this, it won't find any save files.
  7. Oh sorry, this issue concerns regular 'Don't Starve', not 'Don't Starve Together'. I didn't find the right sub-forum though. Also ROG and SW are disabled.
  8. Hello, I've encountered this problem on my latest world. One on the caves has a glitch, it can't save while I'm inside, and every time I go back in, it generates a new cave: If I save & quit while in the cave, I end up on the 'carving out cave' screen when I reload the game. I will find myself at the entrance of a NEW cave, inventory all empty. The 'above world' is unaffected, but time freezes while I'm exploring the cave. When I get out of the cave, everything is exactly as I left it, the day is the same, food hasn't perished, even if I spent 10 days underground. If I exit the cave alive, and go back in immediatly, it generates a new cave. This bug only affects the 2nd cave. The 1st cave I explored earlier in the game is acting normal. I haven't explored the 3rd cave yet. It's pretty annoying because that cave is right next to my base, and I would like to build an underground base. **** I am not using any mods. Don't starve: Rev. 190713 (2016-09-20_10-54-18) 11:05:36