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  1. This has been reported many times with no rsponse. I also reported a similar one where u pish him into spikes and you can just hit him down yourself. Been in game since FW release doubt they care about it.
  2. I mean whats this for? lol QUICK RUSH UPDATE BOIS WE FORGOT THE WATERFALL Maybe final polish thursday?
  3. Dedicated server Try to go into caves get a LUA script crash screen flash then inifinite load. Cant log back into server until its reset. Some boatfragment issues in log file while loading into caves? [00:43:01]: Could not unload undefined prefab (boatfragment01) [00:43:01]: Could not unload undefined prefab (boatfragment02)
  4. You can push fuelweaver into the spikes and he will just walk back constantly and not attack.
  5. My fan mr tarunio informed me this is the wrong area can q mod move this to the beta bug tracker
  6. Ghost no longer bound by walls in caves and clip through everything. Not sure if it is intended or not but this allows you to skip content with the proper setup. If you have lazy deserters setup. You could essentially die, float across void to fuelweaver, use an amulet you left there and teleport everyone to you. Bypassing the whole atrium content. Same with in the overworld. You can float as a ghost to new lunar island bypassing ever needing to sail again except for the first time to setup. Like I said not sure if intended or not since it allows you to skip some major content
  7. Infinite Nightmare Fuel Farm and Amy for Bosses
  8. We have an icebox with meat in it fairly close to a sinkhole. The batilisks fly to the icebox trying to get the meat then fly off screen at night. When day time starts they try to fly back down and it crashes the server. Video is from logging in after server has been restarted.
  9. Easily replicated bug, If you make a Cave Map Scroll then try to leave the Caves with it in your inventory you will crash and get a connection error.