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  1. Just extra room for people to steal and hoard stuff. If you did that then you might as well make chester open only to who owns him, and chests can be locked.
  2. My issue is that I want to do this fun thing, but I never get a chance to do it. Even if they gave me all the loot, I still want the chance to get it for myself.
  3. It's one thing to smash pig houses to relocate them, if I find a pig house deep in the woods where no one would go I'll break it just to get the early wood, but the ones at PK/village should always be a no-go. I've been meaning to get into boating more but I imagine that would be kind of a downer to see someone else had gone their first.
  4. Rushing the ruins in Don't Starve Together is selfish. I may not be the first person to say this, there are probably already people who've made more concise arguments than mine, but that won't change how I feel. Rushing the Ruins (solo) is selfish, and it always will be. This is a message mainly to people who play on public servers. During the early game, it's understood by most experienced players that exploring and collecting should be one's first priority, (it IS possible to make a base TOO early) Trees are chopped, rocks are mined, graves are dug. The usual collecting. Except, all the pig houses have been smashed, and the pig skins are the only thing missing? Wait, wasn't there a fairy ring with blue mushrooms here? Oh that's fine, we can still make a base, even though we can't have any football helmets. Oh boy, day 10. You know, I haven't seen that wolfgang/wigfrid all game, I bet they have their own base, that's cool. Day 15, we have our base set up, the newer players have made stacks of wet goop, the usual. But I'll keep my base marked so fresh players can come. Day 22, winter is here now and I saw the Wolfgang for the first time. He used a star caller's staff and has a thulecite club and crown. He doesn't say anything and he never leaves the base. I guess he rushed ruins. I'm glad HE got to have fun while I built the base. Day 30 Deerclops comes and he helps us kill it, he takes the eye and makes an eyebrella then logs off, with all the ruins loot, pig skins, boss loot, AND the food (he forgot he took all the healing food for the fight) Even IF the loot is shared, even IF they help build the base, doing ruins by yourself (without even asking if someone else wants to join) is selfish. What is the point of building a base if all the late game content can be done in the first 15 days? How is it fair that if I WANT to do ruins that I need to RUSH them? I shouldn't have to host my own server just to enjoy all the content, I like playing on pubs, I (liked) helping newer players out. But never getting a chance to do anything because some tryhard rushed a co-op activity by destroying/consuming finite materials just to imitate someone they saw on Youtube will always irritate me. Rushing the Ruins is selfish. Stop being selfish. PS. Survival Server Players who are votekicked/gone from the game over 10 in game days should drop all of their rare things, (Gems/staves/jewelry, Panflute, Cane, Living Logs) They can keep things like twigs rocks and other easily found things.