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    Bugged Mod List

    This issue has been starting to show up for me as well, my mods all went "workshop-xxxxx" and I can't delete nor the mods folder nor the main Don't Starve Together folder due to permission issues. Something that helped me was >Uninstall DST >Reboot and then go back to ProgramFiles/Steam/steamapps/common (something like that) and finally into Don't Starve Together folder >Start erasing the folders left after the uninstalling, one by one, if one gave me a 'require admin permission' I went into the folder and began erasing everything inside that folder, if any folder inside had the 'require' (For me, I always had to erase the 'script' subfolder before being able to erase my workshop folder) >Rrinse and repeat with each folder until you are able to clear every folder and finally delete the DST folder. >Reinstall DST, check your mods, they should begin to download again It worked for me!
  2. I have a question, how do you exactly get the chilled lavae? I tried the ice staff on the extra adorawub lavae but it doens't seem to hit it