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  1. MFW I'm still waiting for the big pile of spools. I've got most of the loyal skins, I can spend this to get the rest, but I still have hope that the big pile of spools is gonna be available soon
  2. I didn't hear any news regarding this skin. Did we really miss it? or it's not (officially) released yet and just sitting in the game files?
  3. What's the other ingredient for Broodling? Is it something new? (I haven't got the chance to check the new update)
  4. Great update. I'm eager to see them in game Now let's see If we're getting a Bee queen with 200k HP and 2 min retreat timer with ability to spawn Killer Bee Hive xD
  5. I didnt say it's completely useless. Yes u can use it in crock pot but You can't eat them for emergency sanity/health boost.
  6. It's a shame that Musroom farm is not that useful for Wigfrid (Yes, I'm a wigfrid lover and master) Great update btw.