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  1. Hey, y'know that "Vacation?!" piece I did?

    ...well, I might be doing something more with it. :wilson_sneaky:

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    2. watermelen671


      I was thinking that for the NB dupes they'd wear something akin to the swimsuits of old:

      Image result for 1900's swimsuit"

      Yes I am aware of how cringe they are...but it does the job. :wilson_ecstatic:

    3. minespatch
    4. watermelen671


      A bit too modern 'spatch. I'd be going for more of an Edwardian style swimsuit, so that'd be 1900s to 1910s. :wilson_sneaky:


      bdd81b61fd97cdfcfa051a44ad5c9535.jpgHistory of Women's Swimwear Styles

      And more references can be found here for those inquiring. :wilson_goodjob:


      And to answer any questions, why yes, the female swimsuit would be incredibly cumbersome to swim in, that's why they didn't really do it. :wilson_ecstatic:


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