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  1. Well we've done it lads, it's now officially dropped below zero.

    ...it's gonna be a cold winter if it's already -2 on the 6th of November.



    Thank goodness I don't have to wait ages for the bus anymore. Now that I've finally left high school, I rarely even need to leave the confines of my bed.:wilson_ecstatic:


    I'm an online coolegg student.



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    2. DragonMage156


      You're lucky you don't have to go out melen. But stay warm anyway.

      Meanwhile in the southern hemisphere, we hit 27 degrees (Celsius) today. Thank god we have a pool >u<;

    3. watermelen671


      I'm just upgrading my high school marks, because I need to boost my average to compensate for how completely horribly I did in math. :wilson_cry:

    4. ResettePlayer


      I woke up to the sight of snow this morning. Fortunately I bought a hugeass tub of hot chocolate yesterday.