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  1. So...don't laugh, okay?

    I fell in the shower today.

    I'm not dead and nothing's broken...thankfully. 

    But I hurt by left arm and REALLY hurt my right thigh.

    And I'm not even kidding, the entire side of my right thigh is a nasty bruise. You know it's bad when the doctor looks at it, sharply inhales and goes "oooh".

    Uh...yeah. And now I'm borderline bed-ridden for a bit until the pain stops!


    A bruise of that size might take months to go away...yay. :wilson_cry:

    TL;DR Slipping and falling in the shower is a real thing people. It's not funny and it really hecking hurts. So be safe, and take the necessary precautions. :wilson_goodjob:

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    2. watermelen671


      Yes. And it hurts like heck. :wilson_ecstatic:

    3. minespatch


      How are you feeling now?

    4. watermelen671


      Still quite sore, but it's getting better everyday. 

      I'm sleeping most of the time so I guess that's helping somewhat. :wilson_ecstatic: