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  1. Yo, why the heck is there no Clay Vargling?


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    2. DragonMage156


      Also magmatic skin for all pets when? (I've given up on snowfallen and verdent ;u; )

    3. watermelen671


      If magmatic skin set means that I'll finally have a complete collection of Fire, Ice, and normal Vargling, I'd be all over that. :wilson_ecstatic:

      Also, I'd like to believe that these skins:


      Technically count as the Snowfallen collection. :wilson_goodjob:

    4. crystal_clodet


      i remember the day when the year of the varg came
      back then i didnt know there was a forum
      me and my best friend were speculating when a new update would come (12:30 pm or something)
      *comes home (2:45pm probably)
      *gets on pc and sees new update :D

      oh wait what? i got off-topic sorry