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  1. My back has been making these weird crunching and cracking noises...and I'm not even kidding. I'll just shift slightly and hear a sickening "CRONCH", sort of like a "crunch" but not exactly.

    Should I be concerned? :wilson_curious:

    1. minespatch


      Maybe take a nap?

    2. watermelen671


      Nah, I've slept too much today. 

      But whenever my back cracks, it doesn't make the typical "crack" or "pop" sound...it's just a really gross and horrible sounding "CRONCH".

    3. crystal_clodet


      that happens to me on a 2/10 scale 
      either you had a bad sleep position or like you had an intense exercise 
      thats when it happens to me atleast
      from my experience itll go back to normal in a day or two,maybe even a good sleep can fix it