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  1. Fellas, could y'all please start expressing aggressive interest in seeing the devs posting concept art to the forums in an official ONI dev concept art thread? 


    Not just ONI, DS/T and other games too.

    Because I'd be all over that more than honey drizzled on...cement. 


    I didn't know where I was going with that analogy...

    Like seriously, get everyone involved, the more people aggressively push for this, the more likely this'll become a thing. Because IIRC, Jan said they might look into it if enough people express their interest in it. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!


    1. ResettePlayer


      Well, there's a difference between "asking amicably" and "entitled whining". Personally "entitled whining" inspires feelings of spite and wanting to not do what the whiner says, just 'cos they're so gross about it. "Asking amicably" would most likely yield better results.

      Step one of "asking amicably" (henceforth referred to as AA) would be to Consider the Dev's Concerns. They have expressed several times on stream that they avoid showing to much process work because they do not know if those unimplemented things will remain unimplemented, and they probably don't want more entitled whining demanding that that thing becomes a reality. Understandable. They want to be absolutely certain they're done with it, like Invisible Inc or Mark of the Ninja.

      Step two of AA would be to Consider the Dev's Workload. They have full time frickin' jobs. They have already filled their hours with Things To Do, and there simply may be no extra time to dig stuff up, format it, and put it out there. It would also probably have a low priority, as the only potential reward for doing this would be "placate the entitled whiners for a short time" rather than, say, "profit" or "run the company more efficiently".

      Step three of AA would be to Be Patient. Asking for things most likely will not have immediate results. In classic Klei fashion, even if they were considering putting concept art somewhere, they'd probably not say so until it was done already. They don't want to let us down. 


      So there it is. I will ask Corey Slow Rollins the Perfectionist Internet Wizard about an "Art of Invisible Inc" next time I see him, being sure to say "please" and not act like an entitled POS.

    2. watermelen671



      ...I feel attacked.

      I'm not "whining" or being an "entitled POS". Maybe I phrased it wrong, but I'm just expressing serious interest at seeing the process of how the developers go through the process of conceptualizing something. It's not a niche thing; there's a reason why art books are so popular. People want to be able to see into the mindsets of how these brilliant creators do their thing. 

      And I'm not asking for INSTANT AS SOON AS IT'S MADE POSTED ON THE INTERWEBS PUT IT INSIDE ME RIGHT NOW!!! No, of course I don't want that, it's unrealistic and puts unwarranted stress on the devs that I love.

      But as they have also gone on the record saying that they're unwilling to make an art book because of how quickly it would become outdated. People do want to see it, and since it'd become outdated so fast maybe make a digital art book, something that can be updated regularly.

      And I'm not demanding it right now, I'm just expressing interest in it now so that the devs can contemplate it, and casually mull over the idea while they work. This is something that I'd love to see AFTER ONI is completed, not while they're still incredibly busy making the game. And it would definitely be done while there's a lull in the work load, and with no serious commitment. 

      Something like this or Jeff Agala's Tumblr, I'll take anything that's more permanent than a Twitch VOD that'll be erased from the internet in two months time, which SUUUCKS when going back to look at neat concept artwork that no longer exists but you can still remember but nobody preserved. :wilson_cry:

      And finally because this is horribly formatted, and a horrible slog to read, I know the classic Klei strategy of "Staying Silent until 100% Ready", but they've started to change because of how much people didn't like the lack of communication. All I'm saying is as Jan put it "If enough people express interest in it, we'll think about it." Hence my post. :wilson_flower:


    3. ResettePlayer


      @watermelen671 Apologies, that was not directed at you. It was a general statement about how "aggressively demanding" something, though you said it as a hyperbolic joke, can degrade swiftly. People act like crap on the internet, and I made a sweeping generalisation, sorry.

      An ONI artbook after the DLC are made would be a dream come true, I agree. Maybe you're right in saying that expressing interest in such an item early will ensure that it does come out when the game is wrapped up.

      Sorry again! That was super hostile sounding now that you mention it. You're idea is not a bad one really.


      Edit: Something like a digital PDF/Magazine "Art of Klei 2018/2019..... would be great, I agree.