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  1. Y'know that feeling you get when you stretch really good, then suddenly pressure starts flooding your head and your head starts really loudly throbbing and you have the sudden overwhelming urge to close your eyes and sleep?


    ...yeah me neither.


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    2. watermelen671


      I also feel like something's constantly worming up my back...even though there's nothing there.

      I'm definitely dying.

      But hey, at least when I'm dead I won't have to finish my research essay. :wilson_cry:

    3. -Variant


      I was gonna say, "Now that's how you think positive!" and post a creepy stock art picture of a child doing finger guns, but I got this instead.
      Fear it.


      Image result for finger guns


    4. watermelen671


      ...which is apparently called "Formication". 

      I'm extremely uncomfortable.


      It's ForMication...you dirty perverts.

      Which includes me and my dyslexic brian.