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  1. Naw, this thread serves multiple purposes...mainly because I think the mods/admins would smite me if I made another bloody thread like this. They're so cute!
  2. I keep looking through this...but I'm still confused. The only thing I could get was the request to have @DragonMage156's Victor with a clipboard. Everything else I'm confused. Edit: I'll get on the Victor request after I take a nap.
  3. Me:


    It's like, 291 Kelvin outside by the way. So I have no legitimate reason to be so cold with only one super THICC blanket.

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    2. TurtleKitty


      No trolling. The school system failed immensely considering every other nation uses a different temperature system and a different weight system. 
      Americans are heathens, take it slow. 

    3. DragonMage156


      I thought everyone else was a Fahrenheit user.

    4. Xenologist



  4. Except I didn't and made a mistake, I added old remnant frames by accident. SO TAKE FOUR!!! ACTION!!
  5. So...uh...1.0 isn't dropping until the end of June, which is awesome because that means I have something to do while I recover from exams. But that means I'm not going to have anything to do until then, aside from all the other data mining topics I've created and casually frequent. Anyways I'm still taking requests, no really big edits, and animations away!!!
  6. Okay, so uh...everything here has been moved to the archive section alongside all other EA threads. I'm unsure if I should make a(nother) new one, or kindly ask a mod to maybe move it over to the non-EA forums.
  7. @minespatch @-Variant is this better? ...it's not. I'll go fix it.
  8. Apparently the mutation doesn't apply to any other flavor of hound aside from vanilla. Currently being made right now...give it some time.
  9. [Game Update] - 336171

    To organically introduce the player to the fact that you can hatch smolbirbs. At least, that's my theory.
  10. ...ya didn't specify which one, so I went with the one I had. It's oddly cute.