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  1. [Game Update] - 336171

    To organically introduce the player to the fact that you can hatch smolbirbs. At least, that's my theory.
  2. ...ya didn't specify which one, so I went with the one I had. It's oddly cute.
  3. ...I was actually wondering when someone would ask for that.
  4. Okay here's the Wheeler slide! And here be Goggles Wagstaff I'm at least 75% certain his nose should be over the goggles, but I dunno what to tell ya. SMELTER And finally, the plant in the far right I believe is an orchid.
  5. There are several things about Wheeler's design that make me angry.

    First of all, her hands are above her cuffs.

    Second of all, her torso is above her legs, when it looks much better below.

    Third, there's something about her head shape, ears, and hairstyle that is just slowly eating me up inside. There's something wrong there for me, and I can't find out what it is... :wilson_cry:

    1. TurtleKitty


      Her eyes being on her face is what unsettles me about Wheeler's design. 

    2. 4 Da LOLs

      4 Da LOLs

      the fact she doesn't have a key bind for dodging

  6. OKAY FIRST THINGS FIRST LIVING SUIT ROLL/SLIDE ...I just realized that you asked for Wheeler doing the slide. More at 11, because I need to beat my rebellious computer into submission.
  7. [Game Update] - 335754

    Yes yes that's great and all, but what happened to the animal hat?
  8. Where is that from??? Man I really wish I had gotten into data mining when DST was in the ANR beta...
  9. How many other requests might I have missed? Mind collecting them and then pinging me? In the meantime have this Wilson stone cold killing someone:
  10. New dupe who dis? Meet the nice pretty reskin that I spent far more time than I should have on!
  11. I'll also be editing this to add my masterpiece, but I just thought Jesse should never forget to not make things too graphic.