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  1. Ban GNO because it's 4:30 in the morning, I just finished blazing through the last bit of KH DDD, my brain is now mush and I'd like to go die now please.
  2. I believe so... Oh my god that'd be amazing.
  3. Holy heck it's 4:30 AM.

    ...well I guess I'm royally screwed. :wilson_facepalm:

  4. Anyways I have a headache and am going to go yeet myself off the nearest cliff. Good day.
  5. Leaks aren't data mining though, you seem to entirely miss the point of that. Data mining is just looking through the game's files, looking for information like code, textures, anims, and sounds. That's it. There's currently a lull in the influx of new content, so I do requests to pass the time until the next update rolls over us. Like I've said before, once Wurt is released I'm sure there'll be new content, and people are welcome to discuss it then. ONCE WURT IS RELEASED PEOPLE CAN TALK ABOUT IT HERE. I WILL BE SURE TO POST ANY NEW CONTENT WHEN THAT OCCURS. AS IT STANDS RIGHT NOW THERE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A SCREENSHOT AND FLAVOR TEXT. THIS IS NOT DATA MINING, AND SHOULD BE DISCUSSED ELSEWHERE. Now can we please cease this discussion as it's only further derailing this thread.
  6. We...kinda did though. You're still missing my point. Wurt isn't even released, there are no files whatsoever. Period. There were files of the malbatross, and people can save it, like most did. It's tangibility my friend; unless you have access to Wurt's files the discussion doesn't belong here. Simple as that. This isn't a theory thread, this isn't a speculative leak thread. There are several threads already dedicated to that. This is a thread about data mining files from the game, a thread about the game's assets, models, etc. If it was in the game's files at one point, it's still fair game. But if there are NO files, no anims, soundbytes, it doesn't belong here.
  7. It's just an fx-overlay applied to the character. I believe it's done in-game, so I can't really give you much beyond this.
  8. Wurt's not even in the files, there's nothing here aside from a vague icon in a dev's inventory and a line of flavor text. Also, the Malbatross isn't a good example, because it could actually be spawned into the game. It was in the files, and therefore was in the game. You're making an apples to oranges comparison. A simple screenshot of an unreleased icon in a developer's inventory isn't the same as something that's been unimplemented but still exists within the game's files. Like I've said before, you're more than welcome to discuss Wurt here when it's released, and therefore in the game's files, but until then there are other more appropriate threads for people to gush about and speculate in.
  9. That's an old bug, and it's not something I can get for you as it is a glitch in the game not a glitch in the assets.
  10. Uh...can I get a GIF of this in-game?
  11. Ban Pink because while the human brain might be something easily gamed, saying someone will do something is a fast track to having them do the exact opposite of that.
  12. player_wagstaff swap_telebrella wagstaff willow_shadow All of them share the same anim from player_wagstaff, and the only reason I needed to use willow_shadow was so I could actually get the telebrella to appear.
  13. The Speculation part I had to add because too many people were theorizing about stuff that was derailing the topic. Speculating meant what certain stuff in the game files might've done or might do, an example of this would be the New Character lines, gnarwhale and otter. But I suppose if it's leading to more confusion I should just remove it then, eh? No, it always has been, and always will be, about stuff that's in the game. You're more than welcome to discuss Wurt here once he's released, but until then, not here.