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  1. Wormwood Buff Idea

    I completely agree with you. Wormwood on his own is a glass cannon, more so than maxwell, and his benefits do not outweigh his disadvantages. His inability to heal reliably with foods is a real kicker, and really damages him in the long run. Also, his way to make his own special healing is quite expensive, and manure on it's own isn't very great. What could make him unique and much better is after rain, he will start to bloom, rather than just be spring exclusive, and maybe add some more effects to his bloom, like slow regen over time. That would make him much more fit to counter-act to his deadly downside, and he doesn't lose anything from being wet from rain.
  2. There is a glitch in the Return of Them beta with the camera angle while exiting a boat. When entering a boat, the view of the camera shifts onto the boat rather than the player, which is normal. However, when exiting the boat, the camera angle stays, and gives a very off-looking camera. The screenshots that are being shown are in order from normal camera, to normal boat camera, and the camera when exiting the boat. The camera is more fixated away from the player, rather than the default camera angle. Default camera Default boat camera Glitched camera after exiting boat
  3. Don't Starve Together Roadmap 2019

    Okay but you clearly missed my point about how if Klei worked on PvP it's player base would increase dramatically. The only reason of why PvP is that 3% you stated is because of how PvP is left in the dust. PvP has never gotten any love besides just being slapped onto the side bar to where you can look for a server. Of course the community is gonna ignore PvP because, once again, it has NEVER been tweaked, fixed, or paid any attention to, because Klei never acknowledged it's existence, and was just shoehorned into the game, and collected dust. But, this mode is iconic throughout video games, and it has TONS of potential to be something big. If Klei were to popularize PvP servers with official balancing, tweaks, and new content, I can assure you, PvP, and DST in general, would be filled to the brim with players. They have official Klei PvE servers, so why not add official Klei PvP servers to duke out with your friends? Clearly by this whole roadmap, Klei is listening and Klei is giving us what we want. We asked for character rebalances, and we are getting those. I think that this is a perfect opportunity to let Klei know that when they are finished with whatever they got for us, they should look into PvP some more. PvP has always been a feature in video games that has kept players around for so much longer. And about the whole official Klei PvP servers, Klei should just use those servers to tinker characters with disadvantages over other characters, nerf those a teeny bit while still keeping originality to those said characters, much like in my last post, and make it a whole balanced fight of fun. Much like the Strictly Unprofessional PvP server, they completely removed the Pan Flute and changed a few things to make the game more fun. A prime example of one of their notable changes, besides the Pan Flute change, is they nerfed the range of Wickerbottom's main gimmick, the books, or more specifically, Sleepytime Stories. If they can do it, I know Klei can. Once more, Klei has the power and the community to do this, and this whole thing can make the game 1000x more fun for all players. In conclusion, the reason of why PvP gets only that "3%" you stated, is because it is completely left in the dust, but it does not have to be this way. Don't Starve Together can be a PvE/PvP game, with both of those modes getting equal amounts of love.
  4. Don't Starve Together Roadmap 2019

    I'm just gonna have to touch up on these statements you said: If it was changed, it would not be irrelevant at all. If klei were to listen to us and create a more balanced, better experience for PvP, people are gonna play it. Think about it, if there is a balanced system where no matter what character you use, you can win. Each character has a weakness and the strong extra damage characters (Wolfgang, Wigfrid) or characters with a gimmick that can either create an imbalance in the system, in terms of PvP, (Wortox, Wickerbottom) would be slightly toned down and have an easy counter to them. For example, Wicker would have more start up time on Sleepytime Stories and the spell is released on, let's say, frame 20 or longer of that animation, but retains its range. That way, a player can easily counter her if they see her, making it not broken and a fair way to balance it out. If new or old players see that PvP has been changed for easier and more fair combat, it would become anything but irrelevant, attracting old and new players alike. Like I said before, it can become enhanced and popularized by Klei. They have all the power to do such a course of action, and I can assure you, a PvP rework would keep the game fresh and interesting, because maybe you wanna see your favorite iconic Don't Starve characters duke it out with a various selection of weapons, armor, strategies, or maybe you want an extra twist to your typical survival. If these things were to be tinkered, we would have a perfect survival game. That way, you can choose between a fair PvE system and a fair PvP system so that both fans of those modes can enjoy what they want. This character update could include ways to balance out PvP, like I said, toning down imbalances, and creating characters that can be fit for a fighting environment, much like @Sketched_Philo's point. It wouldn't be irrelevant at all if PvP was tinkered and I can assure you, player numbers would rise. Some players might not be into the whole shtick of building bases and just surviving, and a lot of players wanna have an experience similar to that of PvP survival games, such as Rust, Minecraft, etc. DST has the potential to become an excellent PvE and PvP game with both modes focused on one thing: teamwork. You can form alliances in PvP, which still remains it's team orientated title, and PvE, of course, working together. In conclusion, Klei has all the power to use this character update to update PvP's system. Of course, I believe that it should be focused on after all the characters on their agenda are rebalanced, and then touch up on PvP. All of the cast of this game are unique in their own way, and changing them slightly for specifically PvP can keep the game fresh and new for old and new players alike.
  5. Don't Starve Together Roadmap 2019

    Perhaps you should try it out some more. There is tons of exciting things to do, and its so much fun with friends. PvP has potential to be a great sub-category gamemode, and the skill ceiling for PvP can be pretty high if you can kite opponents. Its also really satisfying to get a kill on it, and to be frank, with all the weapons that we have, and new content arriving to the base game, PvP can be quite an experience. Again, I think it would be optimal to have a small rework for PvP though. It could attract new players that are fans of games like Rust and like the PvP mechanic.
  6. Don't Starve Together Roadmap 2019

    PvP is fun and it is something that actually makes the game itself fun. Suggestions should always be acknowledged and I do believe PvP should be tinkered a little bit.Honestly, building bases all day can get super repetitive, and wheres the fun in that? Besides, if "PvP is broken" find ways to make it fun, like using really stupid strats. But lets be real, many things need to be fixed, and we as a community should help the devs find this problem
  7. Cannot connect to Klei servers

    @Zillvr I just turned a new reign off, I can play online without it now too, anyways thanks for all your help, you gained a follower cheers
  8. Cannot connect to Klei servers

  9. Cannot connect to Klei servers

    @Zillvr I could play DST like 3-4 days ago and it worked fine. I did get a ban from a couple of PvP servers because I killed the admin. I didn't do anything on my PC to trigger this. Guess I can't play again.
  10. Cannot connect to Klei servers

    @Zillvr Nothing is working, it still says cannot connect to klei servers. I guess that's that. No more DST for me
  11. Cannot connect to Klei servers

    @Zillvr Was that the right one?
  12. Cannot connect to Klei servers

    @Zillvr That is what you mean, right?
  13. Cannot connect to Klei servers

    Oh is this what you are talking about? client_log.txt
  14. Cannot connect to Klei servers

    Whats the client_log.txt? @Zillvr
  15. Cannot connect to Klei servers

    @Zillvr like it says logging in for 2 seconds and then cannot connect to Klei servers