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  1. Astroknot (Reminds me of a claymation: The Adventures of Mark Twain) - Thanks for knowing and confirming.
  2. bestnick8 - You're right. I did get rocks and nitre from those petrified trees. I am on CLASSIC DST world mode. Is this the reason I don't see tumbleweeds or area on my map?
  3. Just purchased a PS4 two months ago. Any way to plug a wireless/bluetooth usb keyboard to PS4 to use in-game chat for Don't Starve Together?
  4. Had my new PS4 for two weeks now. Had played Don't Starve Together (DST) on my PC and wanted to try it on the PS4. I had customize for small world (no loops, no branches, etc.) and choose to have very long Autumn and Spring and very short Summer and Winter. For "World Regrowth", I chose VERY FAST. I left everything else in default. Problem is I haven't seen rocks regenerate at all. I needed nitre for booster shots and can't make them since rocks never came back. I went through my map twice and can't find tumbleweeds and the area anywhere. It's like the world cut off parts of the world. For example, I see three (3) branch areas that was about to form, but cut off so there's like three inches on the screen for these 3 areas. So far I saw one person stated that customizing the world would mess up the world regenerating/refreshing since that was his problem on his world. I'm currently playing with the lowest health points (black indicator in health monitor) - no rocks equals no nitres to create booster shots. Anyone have any clue why this is messed up?
  5. Playing in dedicated public server callled GOT HUNGRY? and was stuck on screen and then made character Wendy glitches back on screen.