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  1. After being struck by lighting multiple times during a violent rainstorm in hurricane season, WX-78 became very overcharged and has been for some time. A second storm game him even more charge. My frame rate slowly dropped from a stable 60 fps all the way down to 5 fps. I checked the memory usage on Task manager and it was at 35% which was ~1500 MB of memory used. When I'm on the menu, I'm using 270 MB and normally in game it stays right around 1300 MB. I've never had any version of Don't Starve have this issue, and of all the times I've played Shipwrecked it's never happened until this time, so I'm suspecting that it's a memory leak bug related to WX-78's overcharge somehow. I had it happen multiple times, and saving and quitting and logging back in reset the frame rate to stable.