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  1. Yeah, I was able to send in a bug report in game.
  2. I entered a Volcano on a Shipwrecked world that I got to with the Skyworthy, and now my game can't load that save. I get the same error everytime I try to load that save.
  3. I just messed around with a few savefiles in remote and renamed them volcano_1. I can now access my world, but it spawns me outside of it and I can't access the volcano. Still better than losing the world.
  4. Followed your instructions, here are the results. I can make a Shipwrecked world from scratch, nothing wrong there. However, I ran Steam and Don't Starve as an administrator and loaded the corrupted save, but the same crash with the same logs showed up. I also followed these instructions: - In steam right-click the game in your library- Select ‘properties’- Click ‘Set launch options’- Enter ‘-persistent_storage_root c:\DontStarveTogether’ (without the quotes)- Close dialog.- And the next one- Launch the game. Yet again, same crash after loading that save. (pic below is from my attempts) While looking through my firewalls and security options, I found that disabling the Microsoft Real Time Protection Option allows me to report bugs successfully. Sadly, my game still has the same error shown above.
  5. @bizziboi No problem with that, glad for all the help you've given and I'm ok with sending in a few things to help resolve the problem.
  6. Random Crashing After Skyworhty

    Hey, not using any mods. However, the crashing has stopped since I updated the game. Thanks for your help on all the reports.
  7. At around day 70 with Warbucks in Hamlet, I made a Skyworthy and made it into Shipwrecked. However, the game crashes at random in that world and it doesn't give any errors. Thanks!
  8. Yes, this was the first time I entered it. Also, whenever I try to click report bug, it says that there's an error in sending my save data. I've tried quite a few times for other bugs and this one to no avail.
  9. i have god mode, you can't stop this cheater pro. Don't actually come at me, bro. thx
  10. Does anyone else notice how the Ancient Guardian looks like a Clockwork Rook?
  11. Why haven't we been talking about the Ancient Guardian? He is obviously very important due to Maxwell's connection with him, and how he even drops the key when killed. One of Maxwell's quotes says that the guardian was changed due to the nightmare fuel.
  12. Don't also forget how the small statues in the normal Ruins have bug like features, and look similar to the shadows. The Head Statue looks a bit similar to Mr Skittish. Also, the mage statue looks like the Terrorbeak, but with a normal head and such.
  13. To be honest, I think that Charlie is still trying to help us in many ways. Not sure if this was a glitch or not, but I've found random food laying around the entire world. This could be Charlie trying to help us survive. I'm starting to think that Charlie wants to free all of the other survivors, but keep Maxwell because of her hatred towards him for causing this.
  14. now put it in a mirror in front of another mirror and we have infinite potato cups with nome
  15. Aight, that's a good point. I strongly believe that the shadows are a transformed form of the ancients, as shown by the shadows similarities to the statues. I think the statues are how the Ancients looked, and the fuel just made them stronger but with the same kind of looks, ( other than being all shadowy and stuff).
  16. One thing though, even Charlie is a pawn for the Shadows. Maxwell has talked about how he was being used, and how even the king is bound to the board.
  17. Just noticed something. The thing that drags him under are vines, just like the ones on the Florid Postern/ Charlie's roses
  18. you saw this on the meme topic page, obviously
  19. nah, I think Charlie or the shadows are just disapointed in him and just take him back because he sucks with his battling SKILLZ
  20. Bringing back the smell conversation, why do you guys think each character smells the Shadow Thurible differently?
  21. I'll have to do that later, sorry
  22. Found something that isn't too big, but different. When you kill the boss, you take his point of view, same with the portal once he is fully dead.
  23. Get "Fixed Too Many Items"
  24. lol I'm just using Too Many Items to test dude.