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    This is a work in progress character mod I'm working on for myself and a friend. Not complete yet; currently using someone else's skin as a placeholder until I have time create something better. "Wren, the Grave Robber" Features: - Faster than average walk speed. - Lower than average health. - No sanity loss at dusk/night or in caves. - Lower base sanity. - Can gain sanity from digging graves. - Can't sleep. - Infinite "Lucky Shovel" that produces random treasures once per day. - Special "Ancient Lamp" which can utilise most fuel sources but drains sanity. Planned Features: - Custom skin. - Finish customizing speech files. - Shovel will sometimes spawn a hostile ghost instead of treasure. - A black market to "Trade" (craft) rare items a the expense of gold. - The ability to "Trade" (craft) various amounts of gold from rare items.