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  1. So I decided to make a base in the volcano for the summer. I pre-made fridge, thermal stone, crock pot etc etc and climbed in the volcano for the 1st day of dry season. When I made my little base, I realised I forgot to take a silk with me to make a bird-traps. I came back to the nearest island for the resources, and when I came back to volcano... there was no map explored. What's more it seems the new world just got generated, cause the altar of snackrifice was in different spot than before. so my whole plan went down. Well, I'm done with don't starve for now. I mean, why doesn't it work? You can make base in ruins/caves and volcano doesn't save things you do? Now I lost tons of resources to build the structures in volcano-base and I'm pretty much done, cause I left all my food in volcano-fridge which didn't get save. And the meteors just started to fall outside.
  2. Alright, so some time ago I have connected my ROG world with SW by Seaworthy. Everything was OK for some time, but in one moment everything collapsed. I did some things in SW world, then came back to main ROG world for a longer time. One day I decided to return to SW and I saw this (screenshots added). My combined status mod said it was a monsoon season (1 day left!), but at the same time meteors were falling in my base... I ran away to ROG world, came back few days later and... status says its... MILD (1 day left again, like WTF) and meteors keep falling. I don't know what to do, because there is an absolute mayhem in my SW world, it seems that season-cycle got bugged or something? Sorry for chaotic description, ENG isn't my main lang.
  3. So when I'm running don't starve on my netbook the game is so dark, I can't even see things at the daytime. When I plug-in my monitor - everything looks good. But I can't have my 2nd monitor with me all the time... I found similar thread: but didn't find any solution there. my graphic card is radeon R7 M265 - new drivers etc. BTW - when I light tree/firecamp, everything looks good. album with few screens: PS dont mind my base, just had an unexpected fire. edit: changing gamma setting etc@intel settings doesnt affect the game at all
  4. So I am getting overheat in the summer so fast, I wanted floral shirt. I have 5x cactus flower + papyrus + silk and the only way I can make a floral shirt is with using petals, which doesnt protect from overheating. I am playing ROG right now, but have SW as well. help ?
  5. so how do I repair it? edit: OK, I figured it out. THANKS SO MUCH FOR HELP!!!!! It's working. cheers!
  6. So I was trying to get into the game and I had the error with mod disabling spiders attacking chester. I disabled the mod and then I'm getting this error. when I load some other save, it works, error occurs only when I load my Wigfrid save (which is my best one) :/ what can I do? log.txt