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  1. The center of the puddles that spawn in monsoon season persist after the season ends, and are treated as shore. During the day, there is nothing, but at dusk, they appear as five-square puddles (4 surrounding the originating square) and grow as the night deepens, then receding at dawn. The puddles don't encroach on wood flooring, though. This has only happened since the latest patch on PS4 (the one around 3/18/17), and has only been a problem after experiencing the first monsoon season.
  2. This issue was fixed on pc, and apparently was submitted to Sony for review back in October, but no one seems to have a reason as to why this update still hasn't been released three months after it was submitted. The fault may lie with either Sony or Klei (or Capy), but Klei certainly is doing a poor job of responding to their PS4 users...
  3. Would also love to know the ETA of the PS4 patch
  4. This bug was supposedly fixed on 10/14/16, but wasn't submitted in the updates to Sony until 10/20/16. Has that pack of updates finally been accepted and released by Sony? And has this continued to happen even after the update? (I haven't actually touched my game since back in October, due to all the bugs)
  5. Yes, I also would like to know the answer to this. The wiki says to just "click on it or use the action button", but what does that mean for console users? There is no prompt when holding a shovel, hammer, or no tool. Or is this only applicable on games started after this update rolled out? Or has this function not affected the PS4 version of the game, yet?
  6. Especially bad in my games near Floaty Boaty Knights and the Slot Machine. Whenever I use the Seaworthy to go to the other world, the framerate is fine there. (Like the OP said, it can't hurt to repeat the information)
  7. Wanted to throw in some information that might be relevant with this bug: I just started a new SW game and found the slot machine on day 16. By day 22, I had gambled ~20 times, and noticed the game was considerably slower, especially on boat. Saving, closing the game, and reloading seems to have fixed it. This didn't happen in my other game until ~day 110 (which was shortly after I started using the slot machine in that world), though then it got severe enough that the game was unplayable. Perhaps there is a correlation?
  8. Same thing as OP had happened to my game-- Upon leaving the Volcano the second time, around Day 110, the game data was corrupted and deleted all saves, all progress, and all record of any playthroughs. Never tried to merge the world to anything else, so the bug seems to be linked to the Volcano. Loading into the Volcano never actually took much time at all, and the crash upon exiting was almost instantaneous.