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  1. Yeah, we don't rent a private server. I don't search anymore for my problem. Thks for your help even if i did not find a solution. I think that i've just to rehost but when you have 80days+ you dont really want to ^^
  2. @Zillvr, thks again for your anwser. Hmm, when i c&p the "DST folder" with our server, i just paste it at the same location and there is no problem on my PC. I'll uninstall ONEDRIVE on my bro's computer and then i'll launch another dedicated server. But now i'm just playing on his PC because i wanna discover caves. This problem has ruined our game like others laggs of DST (like the legendary double examine and then you restart the game and you can't even attack ennemies and etc. I'm just tired by this game, i really love this univers but i've never seen a game with such laggs. i'll launch the server in 4 hours exactly.
  3. i've forgot that : My bro has got ONE DRIVE but he is not running when we play (i think) I switched the compatibilty mode to windows 7 but nothing happened I've tried the command c_connect("", 10999, "xxx") but same problem (ive found ip on JACKULS website) Maybe should i try this : /* In conclusion: If you are hosting a DST server with Caves, and your friends can't join due to a "server not responding" error message, then you can try these steps: 1) Launch your world, then ask another user ("User X") to find your world in the "Browse Servers" section, and join via that interface specifically. You might need multiple users to try this before you'll find one that can actually join. 2) Once User X has successfully joined your world, then ask User Y to invite the other friends you want to join. Once those other friends join, they should be able to see the world in their "Browse Servers" section (even if it wasn't appearing there before). cf : http://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/dont-starve-together/users-can-only-join-my-server-when-it-has-no-caves-r1031/ */(i have to find someone now)
  4. His server's ping is 33 ms (i think that is too high for our connection, for example, when i play LOL, my ping is 55/65 ms) i'll try to switch this paramater and i'll check if it works Thks again
  5. Steam is always launched as admin and when i've ran the server, mods were active and my bro could join me and play in caves. I think that my bro's PC forbids other players to join his server but i don t know how can i fix it
  6. It's an Online Passworded Server I'll check if he has OneDrive enabled Do you think that enable Mods could cause problems when you create a server ? Here are our files DxDiagbro.txt MyDxDiag.txt
  7. Hey, thks for your answer , but i have tried all theses things (both firewalls off, AVAST off (for my bro), windows defender OFF) Both .exe are running as admin but always the same problem... i can"t log in if i give my "DST folder" to my bro when i was in caves...
  8. well, if i host the server (to do that, i had c&p my brother's "dst" folder); there is no problem (he can join me and go into caves). but my PC is not fast enough... When i launched the server, there was a firewall box wich explained that my firewall is blocking some functionalities of DST. (however, i've already check my firewall...)
  9. Hey, i always play with my brother but this time, he has created a servor with caves and there is a problem when i try to join him. Indeed, if if search his game in DST list, i can't log in because it says that the server is not responding. However, if he invites me, there is a steam Message (1) with, "servor is not responding" (we can notice that the IP adress is not the right one, but i can play with him. But, when i try to enter in caves, it disconnects me because of this 'servor is not repsonding". I've done many researches but i could not find an answer for my problem. i attached many files, i hope you'll help me o/ 1/ Steam Message "servor is not responding" 2/my log : logME.txt 3/my client log : client_logME.txt 4/ my brother's log : BROlog.txt 5/ my brother's client log : client_logBRO.txt 6/the master server's log 7/the caves's log