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  1. Tips for Bearger?

    I lead him through the swamp and use ranged while he's distracted by tentacles
  2. Beefalolips Corral

    But I am sorry
  3. Beefalolips Corral

    I'm sorry
  4. Beefalolips Corral

    Nope. There is only one Jack in this house and it's me
  5. Beefalolips Corral

    Warbster? Kind of reminds me of Nina from FMA except...instead of a girl and her dog it's a hungry man and his dinner
  6. Beefalolips Corral

    That was based on a dream I had where Shipwrecked made it into DST. You could lasso players and tie them to your boat like an evil pirate. I dreamed that I kept doing that to @OpaqueShards, then I would sink the boat with us still on it. To me, it was hilarious. To her? Not so much. Lobster Warly was based on a dream Opaque had one time and it's like an inside joke with us now. The elusive Warlobster
  7. Beefalolips Corral

    yes :V
  8. Beefalolips Corral

  9. Beefalolips Corral

    We love it
  10. Beefalolips Corral

    Yeah. Wilson looks too wonky and It just overall looks so bland to me. I don't know how to fix it, and my pen died
  11. Beefalolips Corral

    @minespatch oh, ok. I didn't know. I'll try doing that from now on. I'm new to this. Sorry!
  12. Deerclops' Striking!

    I saw this on the stream. Nice work! Gotta love Wigfrid
  13. Beefalolips Corral

    Based on a true story @OpaqueShards
  14. Beefalolips Corral

  15. Beefalolips Corral