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  1. Yes! I love magoo and mcboingboing ,I studied those when I was studying the style for a portfolio! I'm partial to Gay purr-ee myself ( me and Chuck.Jones go way back. Yes the reason I'm drawing tbh not sure if anyone can tell from my art haha) Also love those disney shorts in the similar style I think Paul Bunyan and I forget the cowboy one (I'm a bad animator for forgetting) . But as terribly as the pacing gets I do enjoy the 50-60's style cartoons. It's too bad they're compete trash to watch. They look cute at least ;w; But I.looked up the telltale heart one! I've never seen it before! I love the style for it and everything I'll watch it and tell you what I think ^u^
  2. Thank you! I need to do more in that UPA style I have a,few I should upload haha
  3. GOD BLESS I'M LEAVING thank you !! >8)
  4. ahhhh thank you everyone! (Im not sure if I can individually reply to everyone??? Ims till learning the system) But thank you for the kind words >8C I swear everyone in this community is so sweet
  5. Hello! This is the first time I've really used a forum. I've been much too shy to go on here and post but today felt like a daring kind of day! I mostly post my Don't starve art on tumblr , and most everyone knows me by my throw away handle Dunkstarve ( I've seen a few of my friendsies on here hello hello to you guys ;w; ) But I'm gonna give this forum thing a shot! Have a few of my arts! (I also take requests on my tumblr but I wouldn't mind doing a couple here as well!) ALSO MY STEAM IS Fetoscopy if anyone wants to play with me sometime! ;w; Thank you everyone!