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  1. NEW Season Skip Bug [PS4]

    I found a work around for this when u exit the cave or volcano if it not the right season close the app when u load it should be the right season u should do this the second when u leave because if it auto saves it will leave u on the wrong season
  2. The new update 1.08 in ds shipwreck on ps4 has added more bugs some of these are minor like the default theme playing instead of the sw theme on the main menu but the main problem I have come across is when using the caves or volcano my game save gets corrupt I never came across any of these bug before the 1.08 I have lost 2 worlds to this game breaking bug one on day 90 and my best world on day 963 I would also like to add that the season skipping bug is still in the game please patch these bug I should not have to keeping backing up my saves every time I want to get some light bulbs