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  1. Yeah taming Vargs could be interesting. This is sort of how I imagine it should be, to make it different form an ornery beefalo: Eat 75 hunger in meat every day, but require nothing fed to mount it again (as long as it was fed at least once a day for 75 hunger or more). Salt licks would make no sense for keeping it penned. So it would be more expensive to keep and more annoying too, but it would compensate for it. Deal more damage than the ornery beefalo, but be slower in running speed. The ornery and default beefalos have a speed of 7, and the Varg has a default speed of 5.5. Maybe tamed the base damage should go up to 68, giving a whooping 84 base damage with a war saddle (or a decent speed with a glossamer). With Warly spices the damage could be even higher. Unlike the beefalo, be able to eat jellybeans and get its effect HP Regeneration for X amount of time (depending the amount of meat given) faster than the regen of the beefalo, but limited in time. You can probably make it eat creatures you killed while mounted (meat from the floor) for more regen. While riding it, make you neutral to all hounds Beefalo bell would make no sense for it, it would require a different Item to keep it on a leash. You can leave it in a pen or parked in a place for a few days without any food, you just won't be able to mount it as long as it's starving. It may also lose some HP every day starving. After not being fed for 5 days it will go feral and start summoning hounds again (and try to eat you). Maybe it could howl a couple of times a day before that happens as a warning sign that your Varg is about to make a mess. Whatever item it was chosen to keep it on a leash will lose all effects once it goes feral.
  2. shopcat to me is shopcat. it can mean many things Happy hazard to me is "I smiled at this" then its the GlHappy which to me is this post is happy/makes me happy/is neat
  3. This is too much, speed is a delicate subject to touch around since it changes the game a lot. For the helmet and then wearing it could maybe give the same effect as eating a sweetened food yourself (more efficient chopping and mining). For the shield it could just give it bonus healing.
  4. Well the devs are focusing on the ocean now which is much more barren and boring than the caves are, so I’d let them expand there. After that if it was up to me yeah, I’d give another look at the caves and specially at the whole sealed portal thing in the archives. But TBH I want a really cool and fun ocean first. The monkeys update seems to be a great step in the right direction for now.
  5. I think it’s up to context. For example Sometimes I consider the heart reaction like “I love this” and sometimes like “that is cute/sweet”. Or the wavey hands for that’s dark/creepy or just because the topic was about nightmare creatures or Maxwell. Dunno, maybe it’s just me.
  6. @Hornetecan you show some sample pictures of your current working design train? how do you prevent them from smashing against each other?
  7. 1 minute idle, if things are happening (which, usually do happen) can be absolutely terrible. Here are some simple examples of common things that happen in the game that you may have no defense for if you transform every single night: A late game hound wave (you have to pray to be close of your trap, or get random moose) A boss fight, specially a long one like celestial (Moose is not even good here, as you could need healing) A monkey raid Boat about to crash with something (one minute is more than enough to lose your late game boat) A wildfire you could have easily stopped if you could manipulate ice staves or flingos Overheating or freezing Etc Please go ahead and try playing as Woodie with the moonstorm active for a year or so, while also doing things. It's really no fun.
  8. If they nerf the raids themselves I hope eventually (maybe after the beta is live) they add stronger pirate raids in the late game, like pirate boats with cannons and bumpers. Monkeys already have the technology of cannons and know how to shoot from the island anyway so it would make sense. In any way, the raids are chaotic and hillarious, Every time they appear I’m laughing half of the fight, I really hope we don’t lose that.
  9. Puedes encontrar el arte de casi todo lo nuevo aca
  10. Wait really? So what you say is that In donut worlds the monkey island could be at center lake? Can anyone share a picture of that? Actually I think that would be kinda awesome.
  11. The thing is, in some servers people just keeps the moonstorm permanently, to never have to deal with light issues, or Charlie, or Wavey jones again. So Woodie would be forced to remain as Wonkey for the rest of the playthrough or (the better option IMO) change character. I still think its kinda sad, and a third option where you can stay as Woodie and actually do stuff, should be added.
  12. I mean it does solve the main issue, but you are no longer Woodie really. So even if you technically didn't change characters using the portal, you still did, but with a workaround. This part is more of a personal opinion, but by doing that you also swapped to a character that is not better than Woodie in any aspect (at least for now) except for the part of not being cursed during the daily full moons. Personally if I had to choose between Wonkey or switching characters I'd just go to the celestial portal and swap to anyone else, preferably some character with a strong late game.
  13. Same! and by staying with the same character throughout the whole gameplay you start noticing the characters that have a strong late game, those that are okayish, those that are meh, and those that just suck. Woodie has an amazing and fun early game, but his late game was always on the meh side. By then you can solve most things the wereforms give you in much better ways: Transport on land is hundreds of times better with a beefalo Transport and activities at the sea become much more efficient with a boat To fight just equip thulecite tier armor and dark sword, you'll do better at most fights than with the moose. Probably the only things Woodie can keep of the wereforms in the late game are saving up some resources when mining marble/opening stonefruit, and killing groups of spider queens/nightmare creatures/treeguards at the same time. Still it was an okay choice to stay as in the late game, since you didn't have to transform if you didn't want to, so you had a slightly better Wilson. Then came the moonstorm... What I think Woodie needs is: 1) Some kind of progress to the character. Perhaps as it was stated by other forumites, allow him to wear an amulet while transformed, just like you can with backpacks. That will give some form of progress to the wereforms (speed with magi, defense with chilling amulet, gathering with lazy forager, etc) 2) Some way to protect the character from the moonstorm event. Perhaps a unique new amulet only he can craft that while wearing it blocks the instant transformation, and stores energy of the moon over time exposed to it, which you can later use to give buffs to your wereforms. Or something like that. Some kind of progress in that side as well.
  14. The moose’s best skills are mostly the free armor and the charge, which lets you deal a pretty strong AOE against enemies you normally can’t use AOE for (or it would be ineficient) like hordes of nightmare creatures in the ruins, endless frog rains, 3 spider queens at the same time, 20 treeguards at the same time, etc. The beaver is also mostly to get wood or to mine for free things that are hard to mine, like marble or opening hundreds of stone fruits. For living logs just use Lucy, then kill all the treeguards with the moose. That said, yeah I quit maining Woodie when the moonstorm event started existing. Playing Woodie in a world with the moonstorm event on is a nightmare, and the main solution is just to not play Woodie anymore when that happens. Which is sad TBH, it shouldn’t be like that. Hopefully it will be addressed at some QOL.