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  1. I'm full of ideas, but at the same time empty.... I guess, I need a little help. Please?
  2. It was just to make her prettier, but, yeah maybe =)
  3. Hm, Happy Valentine's Day! Just something I did. Hope you have someone to love and someone that loves you!! Or if you have neither, just be a happy potato cup ;).
  4. Merry Christmas guys!!! (or Happy Winter's Feast!) (Sorry, I Just make this)
  5. Ok. It's horrible, but here's the continuation of the ugly comic: And, that's it.
  6. Hm, I don't know if I should post the continue of the ugly comic, cause it's so stupid -.-' So maybe, I'll just post in christmas (a special drawing)
  7. It would be nice if Wilson could make a gatling gun snowball machine, like, it could froze monsters without losing sanity. Yes they are quite evil. Abigail especially, she is always killing animals, accidently...? Why Abby? Just why...
  8. Christmas Things! (I'm not making it beautiful, cause...lazyness?) Eternal Fruitcake! And random pictures:
  9. Guys! Christmas is coming!!! (And I still studying ;-;) So, I think I'll post drawings about it. I really like the itens for christmas in DST, and hope i receive any skin >_<. Oh, the mod of Default (@PanAzej) is really good! My compliments to him.(and the others mods too)
  10. Oh the ships... it's cute but I don't feel so comfortable to ship characters that are not mine -.-'
  11. It's been a long time again since I don't post something here. (It's difficult to chose what draw you should pass in computer -.-') Well, here a comic that I have made in the early of the year: WARNING! If you are too sensitive, there's a little of blood in the comic, so be warned: Telltale Heart If you can't see, here, it's a little better: