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  1. Glommer's Gender

    Bugs don't need gender .... All they need is love and affection ......
  2. Adorable! I love this sweet lil merm girl. That goldfish costume is especially fetching!
  3. Do you have to generate a new world or does the den just appear on one you already have?
  4. I'm not sure if they were planning something like this but it would be super cool. Ice Hounds are my favourite so having an ice puppy would be really neat.
  5. Oh my goodness, the Hound puppies are adorable ! I don't even care if they'll hate me if/when they grow up. I want 30. Also, the Ewecus -- lambcus??-- is great as well. I have a friend who'll love to see it ! It's gonna be hard waiting a whole week for this one.
  6. Ground Texture Clipping

    I'll see if that fixes it !! Thanks a bunch !!
  7. [Graphics] Platform Steam Do you use mods? No Version Number (187380) (beta) Issue title Ground texture clips into itema/ textures that should be above it Steps to reproduce Not sure how to reproduce or if you can. Describe your issue Ground texture of the rock biome clips into items that should be sitting on top of it, including the player. NOTE: This doesn't really impede gameplay as you can still mine the rocks/ interact with the items the texture covers. Images are attached below.