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  1. In the current cycle, Rowan contracted hypothermia, and then recovered. The current report only shows him recovering, “0/-1” I flip through the reports to try and view past diseases, and every single report shows 1 Diseases Contracted, “Rowan - Hypothermia”. Likewise, Marie is the only Duplicant to have “made a mess”, and every single report says she had a Restroom Accident. Though if I go back far enough, I find a point where Ellie contracted heat stroke. Again, it says “0/-1 Diseases Contracted”. If I go back a report further, it says “2/-1 Diseases Contracted”, but just shows Ellie. Now, if I go forward in the reports from that point, it correctly says “0 Diseases Contracted”, but still says -1 cured. In conclusion: It appears to accumulate when flipping backward through the reports, but not going forward.
  2. While diseases can be cured with the sick bay, the purpose of the Med Bay room is to quarantine duplicants. Sick duplicants cannot be assigned to a Med Bay in any way. The toilet, mess table, etc can only be used by a physically injured duplicant. If I prevent a sick duplicant from leaving, to quarantine them until I get medicine or until the doctor can attend to them, they will pee everywhere, eat off the floor, and sleep on the ground, because they aren't physically injured. It feels like the room is for physical injuries, with a slight sort of "slapped on" bit for diseases. Physical injuries are almost never a problem, so I don't see the point.