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  1. I do see that, didn't realize that. It seems weird that this allows them to dig, though. I guess it prevents them from TOTALLY trapping themselves somewhere.
  2. My trypophobic duplicant Max has apparently overcome his fears! He goes idle for normal digs, but appears to have no problem with construction digs. Although it's a wonderful miracle for him on a personal level, I think this is a bug. He seems to only do it when he has no other tasks queued, but I may be wrong about that.
  3. May not be a bug I guess, but seems weird it would work this way if so. I keep having chlorine appear around my hand sanitizing stations with no other place it could be coming from (no exposed bleach stone, no caustic biome exposed). These stations are not being actively refilled so it's not from dupes carrying bleach stone around (although it seems those have stopped emitting chlorine while carried anyway?). It just seems to be happening in the area I have 2 stations in, and not around the one I have on the other side of my base (I could be wrong, but have only noticed chlorine coming from one side).
  4. Also happens with me often when I make small patches of thimble reed; I assumed it was just because thimble reeds take so much water (all same type of piping).
  5. Just saw this NG in the distance, no neutronium under it, it's just floating.
  6. That's more of an alert problem for me, not a frozen problem. Like if you set a task that's blocked by needing to have a certain job, even once you have a dupe in that job the alert stays 100% of the time until you save and reload, but my dupes have never frozen from that. Plus this happened before I even had the job board built here.
  7. This just happened today when I started a new game, and had not happened previously (seed 252525252). Dupes froze in place while going to do something. Attached is both dupes frozen - Otto froze in a doorway, looking like they were trying to build or dig something, and stayed like that for nearly a full cycle before I told them to move elsewhere, after which they behaved normally. Something similar also happened with Nails (Which I didn't notice until looking at the screen shot, Nails was frozen at the same time as Otto, so maybe the freeze happened at the same time?), where they were standing in place and their info panel said they were going to run on the generator, but they just stood there and were not on break (not anywhere near break on their schedule). Also was fixed by te lling them to move elsewhere. The standard small movements dupes normally make while standing still (like swaying slightly) were not present; all animations had completely frozen.
  8. I told my dupes to deconstruct a manual airlock door (made of copper). Instead of the materials dropping, 2 copper tiles appeared in its place (the blocks contain the equivalent of what would have dropped). They act like normal blocks and my dupes had to dig themselves out of the room.
  9. That IS a ton of gas to have built up when you're pumping things out; now that I think about it, I've also seen unusual pressure problems elsewhere, like polluted water continuing to produce mass amounts of polluted air despite the usual 1.8kg limit being far surpassed (little pockets on the map that are 20kg polluted air that I dare not open).
  10. When it's erupting, it's putting more gas (steam) into the air, which needs space to take up, lowering the space the existing gasses have to spread across. When it condenses, water still takes up space that the existing gas did before. It seems like in this scenario what is happening is just the other gases being compacted into the lessening space available.
  11. Did you check their stamina? Some dupes get off schedule for whatever reason (maybe they're taking care of a necessity before they head to bed, like using the bathroom or eating), then when their stamina hits 0 because they're not sleeping correctly they'll drop right there instead of walking to bed.
  12. I didn't realize there was another post. This was with a file that was started post-upgrade though. The other dupes all stayed in their fields as well. I even tried switching the stuck dupe to other job lines (this dupe also was a good plumber and likes to tidy) but with no luck.
  13. I had a dupe who was getting stressed from being a tenured scientist, so I lowered them to a regular scientist. Their morale expectation stayed at 20 (I checked, they had indeed switched jobs). I even made them become unemployeed and the morale expectation still wouldn't change. Saved and reloaded the game, expectation still 20. Tried re-employing them in another job, still 20. I guess this dupe is permanently depressed. They were on tentured scientist before and I switched jobs when they got stressed before with no problem, and I haven't had this issue with other dupes switching to jobs with lower morale expectations. This dupe did, however, just master tentured scientist if that has any bearing on it. I reassigned several other dupes to lower morale expectation jobs at the same time I switched this one, and all of the others changed their morales fine.
  14. Apologies for the dump here, but I've kept a running log of issues I've been running into as I've played. I looked through the known bugs pages and deleted overlap that I noticed. I would generally prefer to post things separately but these are a ton of very minor bugs that I don't think warrant individual posts. If there's a more helpful way to arrange this info/different place to post let me know. Disclaimer: I only had been playing ONI for a few days before this expressive upgrade came out, so some of the bugs I’m noting here may have existed prior to the upgrade Either a confusing mechanic or a bug: · The morale bonus from décor seems random at times. A spot with 100+ décor may give a mediocre buff one day, then a charming buff, then a gorgeous, while the barracks with 200+ décor will only give a poor or mediocre bonus (nothing negative in the area to affect the total décor score). It seems like this may be room size related · It seems like dupes get a décor buff each morning from their surrounding décor. If this is intended, it should be changed for dupes who sleep at different times, as this makes it so my night owl dupes (who are working when the buff is assigned, rather than in their pretty barracks) always have lower morale. Maybe adjust so the buff is applied whenever they wake up? General, major bugs: None that aren’t known already! But that difficulty with having dupes do tasks underwater thing seems like it should have been fixed by now. General, minor bug fixes: · (definitely from before upgrade) Some (many) of the links to the database entries are broken. They are typically links from info menus to the data base directly, not ones in the data base linking to other database pages · (definitely from before upgrade) When loading up a game, if paused, everything will show as disconnected to power/piping and sometimes (if loading the save for the first time since starting up the game itself) dupes will all be out of bed if they were asleep when the save occurred. When unpausing everything fixes itself in a moment. · (definitely from before upgrade) It often takes dupes several cycles to realize that a mess table exists and they can eat at it, even though it is very close to the food storage and they assigned themselves to it. · If you save and quit the game when dupes are walking to the bathroom, upon reload there will be a message for each dupe trying to reach a bathroom saying that the bathroom trying to be reached is out of order. The dupes will still proceed toward the bathroom as normal and the message will disappear after they’re done using it (I’ve only seen this with lavatories, I don’t know if this also occurs with outhouses) · Dupes will socialize/chat in unbreathable air/water. This seems like a poor use of their oxygen · I had a dupe that was losing stamina while she slept on her cot (only occurred once, was fixed by waking her and having her go back to bed) · Sometimes dupes will “rubberband” like they’re lagging. This often occurs when going between 2 ladders/2 ladders are next to each other (or the dupe is suffocating, but that may just be because those 2 occurrences often happen together for me). · (definitely from before upgrade) critters get the confined debuff when standing in an open door way, that they can freely walk out of (door is set to ‘open’) · Digging up a plant at full growth doesn’t yield their harvest (may not be a bug, but it seems like it should work this way and it works this way in Don’t Starve) Graphical bugs: · Bubbles’ sprite has issues. When she has a job her buns move down to make room for the hat (as they should) but when she is eating, if she has a job/is wearing a hat, her buns will be both up and down, making her have 4 instead of 2. · Some dupes don’t hold their ‘guns’ when performing an action, though they will still do the action (it may also be my imagination, but it seems like they do the job slower like this) · Occasionally when digging up a buried tile, the cracks from the buried tile stay after the tile has been dug. Hovering over it just tells you normal information about the air and doesn’t seem to acknowledge that the cracks are there. · When dupes are waiting for a door to open, sometimes hatches will walk right through. For manual airlocks that you can’t see through, dupes will also sometimes talk to the person on the other side while the door is still closed (but in the process of opening) · When clicking on an alert (like ‘no resources available for farm tile’) it will often not center correctly on the thing in question, and just pan the screen to a spot somewhat close (the thing in question, for example the farm tile, could be in the bottom right corner or elsewhere. Position is seemingly random) · Right before a hatch moves to a new block (sometimes with dreko and I assume other creatures, but not as often) if pausing and trying to click on them there is literally no way to click on them (multiple clicks and moving the mouse around to try to get them to show as clickable doesn’t help). This is a very consistent issue, but very minor and the game can be unpaused for half a second to fix it. · There is a long delay between killing a creature and it actually showing as dead (like 5 seconds sometimes, when nothing else is lagging at all). Also a long delay between wrangling/showing the critter as wrangled (but less long) · Some shearing station animations still not working (particularly when a rancher is at the station calling the dreko, they just stand there frozen. Seems to happen consistently. Only started happening after expression upgrade) Text/emotion bugs: · During one game I had, very early on, I suddenly had a DECIMAL amount of mealwood seeds. 0.35423 to be exact. This continued through the entire game. The only reason I could think of is I ordered them to be composed (although I canceled the order and it was never done) so it composted PART, but this seems like a strange reason. · Sometimes dupes will say they are chilly/in chilly surroundings even when nothing around them is cold, they are not wet, and there is no water near them · The watercooler/jukebot (and probably arcade machine/espresso machine, but I haven’t built those yet) have messages saying they’re outside a rec room when they’re in a great hall. It seems odd that they’re required for a great hall but there’s a message given that makes the player feel like they don’t belong in there. · The ‘no researcher assigned’ alert doesn’t go away once you assign a researcher until saving and reloading the game. Similarly, you can set pipes to be emptied before you have set a plumber, but the “colony lacks plumbers” message doesn’t disappear over the piping until a piece of piping is touched by a plumber attempting to empty it (but only that one piece) · Not sure whether a bug or not, but food listed as “great” quality giving +4 morale shows +12 morale on the dupe’s info menu once eaten · The ‘unequipt clothing’ option is available before a dupe has even put on clothes yet, but are assigned to. It does nothing when clicked · If a dupe is told to plant a seed in a flower pot their action is labeled as “going to harvest” · On hover over, when my baby hatches are eating it will say they’re sleeping · Rarely the room overlay will give the incorrect amount of room tiles (even though every tile in the room is lit up as if it’s included in the count) · It is possible to disable paintings. Doing so does nothing (doesn’t get rid of décor buff) and makes no sense. Sandbox mode bugs: · When placing something with instant build enabled, sometimes only the outline will be placed (like in non-sandbox mode, the ‘build it here’ outline). If you try it again it will actually place it, but the outline will remain and you cannot cancel it to get rid of it. The only way it will go away is if you save and reload. · When unlocking sandbox mod mid-game, the printing pod timer resets