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  1. ottermeal

    [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    So I renamed all the files, and got the Mod Tools... but when I try the auto-compiler, it doesnt work? It appears and then disappears speedy quick, and the correct files dont reappear in the anim and bigportrait files, etc. The mod appears in my game's list of mods, but it says the creator of the mod is "unknown" (I changed it to my name in the .lua files) and the compatibility is unknown, too. Going into the game to select a character, the character doesn't even show up. I really need some help so I can begin drawing the images for my character.
  2. ottermeal

    Anyone Looking to RP? (LITERATE)

    Your Willow is amazing! So quirky yet sounding on the edge of insanity as you might expect a pyromaniac to be! I love it, your writing is brilliant, too. I prefer roleplays that are one on one, so it would be a private chat on Discord, perhaps just through messages. However, if it goes well, we could possibly create a more public chat for the roleplay and have other people included! I love neatness, however, and roleplays with multiple people can get a bit difficult to keep up with which is why I like having a sort of list of people who take turns posting (with the exception of someone being gone). One on one is preferably my rp style, however! c:
  3. ottermeal

    Anyone Looking to RP? (LITERATE)

    (Bumping due to still seeking a rp partner)
  4. Hey! Are you still interested in roleplay? :)

    1. Arlesienne


      Pardon for less activity, working on a somewhat sizable article for work. I wrote in your topic. I'd like to learn more :).

  5. ottermeal

    More than one Goose/Moose?

    I've never experienced this before, it's so strange. I thought there were only supposed to be one Goose/Goose spawned at a time.
  6. ottermeal

    Anyone Looking to RP? (LITERATE)

    It would most likely be only two people, but perhaps along the way we could add more people into it depending on how well it goes! You can definitely use Willow!
  7. ottermeal

    Anyone Looking to RP? (LITERATE)

    I suppose it could be like that, yeah! And if you had a Discord I'm sure I could message you through there. I'd prefer it be private.
  8. I uh, was playing with a buddy of mine and right as spring hit... there spawned a Goose/Goose in a field. Okay, I'm thinking that's an odd place for it to spawn. As we begin leaving the field, we go towards some ponds and there's ANOTHER Goose/Goose with an egg in a nest. I'm freaking at this point, and a bit of wandering later I see yet ANOTHER one spawned. Let me just tell you, there are a lot of baby Goose/Goose running around. I'm sure this isn't intentional, but idk tbh?? Thought I'd bring it up. I tried to get them all in some pictures.
  9. ottermeal

    Anyone Looking to RP? (LITERATE)

    Through Skype messages, Kik, etc.
  10. ottermeal

    Anyone Looking to RP? (LITERATE)

    I wouldn't mind if it were moved to the correct thread; I just wasn't sure!
  11. ottermeal

    Anyone Looking to RP? (LITERATE)

    I saw a DS thread for rp but since this is more DST related I decided to make a thread here?? As this is a bit more advertisement-ish lmao Anywho, I've been craving a DST roleplay for some time now, and have done one with a friend of mine but unfortunately can't really do that anymore. Roleplay is sort of an outlet for me from life, and it relaxes me and gives me something to look forward to. I'm looking for someone who can share that bond with me, and even perhaps become a friend of mine. I prefer roleplay through Skype messages or perhaps Kik, just putting that out there. It's required that you be literate with your roleplays. You don't have to make them insanely lengthy but no "walks around" posts. I like detail and complex stories with correct punctuation, spelling, and behavior. (If you make little mistakes honestly that's fine we all do lol) I use Webber as my main character in roleplay, so if you're okay with that we can further discuss who we would rp as out of all the survivors! Here is an example of how I RP: "The arachnid boy carefully slid his webbed claws around the base of the axe, gazing up at the evergreen tree. Huffing, he lifted the axe to the base of the trunk with his premature arms and began hacking away. He grunted with the effort and until he had a decent array of logs beside him did he stop chopping. He was thankful for the many trees in this area, as winter was approaching quickly and wood would be an extreme necessity. However, he still wished he could get some assistance with hauling the heavy logs. Woodie and Wolfgang were great at carrying heavy burdens, and Webber wondered why one of them couldn't come help him. Shaking tree bark from his fur, he huffed and began picking up the logs. They'll be proud of us for doing so good today! Look at all this wood! All of a sudden, a frightening, familiar scent hit him and he turned his head slowly. His fur bristled and the arachnid legs atop his head twitched worriedly. He heard the distant bellows and felt how the air changed all around him, how suddenly it got so quiet yet the bellows only louder. His mind was filled with grotesque scenes in which everyone was stripped limb from limb, slaughtered by the unforgiving, relentless world. His heart beat quickened and he felt a heavy weight in his stomach as if his heart fell into his gut and began rattling his entire body. Hounds." Feel free to leave one of your rp examples, and let me know if you'd be interested! Thanks!
  12. Personally, I think of Webber's voice being a mix of really high tones and super deep, eerie tones due to him being two entities. He's a child but he's got creepy aspects, too. The perfect, odd mix of those tones would lead to a very frightening voice! To me, Wilson sounds a bit British in my head. And Willow's voice in this video is literally perfect to me.
  13. I'm kinda glad these aren't their canon voices because I imagine them so different, and perhaps Webber's a little more monster like. but my gosh I loved this video so much?? Wonderful voices and animation aaa <3 I would love more shorts like this.
  14. Oh how I long for the Rose skins... Especially for adorable little Webber, whom I main as. The little dress-robe thing he wears and the roses in his fur just please, klei for the guys in the back (steam)
  15. So the Christmas skins have to be purchased, unlike the Hallowed Nights skins?