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  1. that problem was solved, thank you! but now as I put in the new faces for the character, the clyde anim file wont come back after I cleared it and recompiled. any ideas?...
  2. Doesn't appear to be working... It says the blank portrait picture is there as a .tex file, and I save it as a png. When I go to edit it in another program, however, it's already how I want it to be (with the character added on the portrait). I'll try to open it in the textools but it doesn't work.
  3. I mean in programs that AREN'T textools. Photo editors, Paint Tool Sai, etc.
  4. I haven't begun work on the modicon yet, but I've been attempting to do the bigportrait_none photo. I'll open it up in TEXtools, but only the image of the border shows up, without the character inside. Going to the file OUTSIDE of TEXtools, it shows me that the character is indeed placed in the border like it should be. TEXtools doesn't show it or let me edit it to go into the game... The border WITHOUT the character shows up in game, along with the character's title. so basically TEXtools isn't showing me the updated image? I've edited the xml files and everything.
  5. would TEX tools be used for the character_none perhaps?
  6. BEEP new question ! im learning so much holy cow might as well title this my mod questions and concerns making the big portrait images, the bigportrait "clyde" worked but the "clyde_none" didn't work, neither did the new text "names_Clyde" i deleted the anim folder and recompiled to see if that did anything but it didn't. the images don't show up at ALL now in the character clothes screen, even undoing the changes doesnt bring them back-- any ideas?
  7. my previous issue was solved, but now I'm having another issue with the autocompiler. i wanted to remove a few body parts of the sprite, so I replaced them with the cleared versions, opened up spriter, and the changes were made. I used the autocompiler, but when I went back into the game, the sprite didn't change. anyone know what went wrong?
  8. So I renamed all the files, and got the Mod Tools... but when I try the auto-compiler, it doesnt work? It appears and then disappears speedy quick, and the correct files dont reappear in the anim and bigportrait files, etc. The mod appears in my game's list of mods, but it says the creator of the mod is "unknown" (I changed it to my name in the .lua files) and the compatibility is unknown, too. Going into the game to select a character, the character doesn't even show up. I really need some help so I can begin drawing the images for my character.
  9. helloo, I'm looking for a fully modded playable character! I'd be able to commission someone in funds up to 50 USD and can also pay in art what I require : 8-month due date WIP pictures/videos every month High quality character, crisp lines and color; communication to fix any issues or bugs that may arise Free access to dialogue files, etc. SEEKING: Fully colored and rendered character model with animations One custom ‘attack’/technique Custom sanity, hunger and health levels; custom attack damage; custom movement speed Custom dialogue A piece of custom clothing One custom item Mod quality similar to that of this mod - Comment below or message me on my dA (lollipoplobsterlips) if you are interested! If I like your art and previous DST mods done by YOU, I’ll show you the character I’m looking to use for this mod, and we can talk specifics, price, etc. thanks!!
  10. Your Willow is amazing! So quirky yet sounding on the edge of insanity as you might expect a pyromaniac to be! I love it, your writing is brilliant, too. I prefer roleplays that are one on one, so it would be a private chat on Discord, perhaps just through messages. However, if it goes well, we could possibly create a more public chat for the roleplay and have other people included! I love neatness, however, and roleplays with multiple people can get a bit difficult to keep up with which is why I like having a sort of list of people who take turns posting (with the exception of someone being gone). One on one is preferably my rp style, however! c:
  11. (Bumping due to still seeking a rp partner)
  12. Hey! Are you still interested in roleplay? :)

    1. Arlesienne


      Pardon for less activity, working on a somewhat sizable article for work. I wrote in your topic. I'd like to learn more :).

  13. I've never experienced this before, it's so strange. I thought there were only supposed to be one Goose/Goose spawned at a time.