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  1. Alright, so basically, I'm making a Luigi mod and I have a LOT of ideas for it. I'm just gonna cut to the chase and ask for help since I have no clue how to do any of this. I want him to have a hat that spawns with him that can be made with 8 grass and a bush hat that's better than a garland but not as good as a top hat. I wanna make it so at 19 sanity, he turns into Mr. L (basically just evil luigi) which makes him x1.1 faster and x1.2 stronger. I also want him to be able to make a backpack (made with 4 red gems, a light bulb, 6 flint) that when dropped can basically be used as Maxwell's shadow clone book (like when its on the ground you can make Gooigi with mosquito sacks and some health) except there can only be one at a time and it limits health instead of sanity. Also, whenever ghosts (player or enemy) are around, I want him to go x0.9 slower and have a huge sanity drain. Help?