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  1. Extra-Adorable Lavae

    Ash is pretty easy to get, you can just burn lightbulbs/lichen/pinecones/wood to make ash. Nonetheless this little fellow randomly starting fires makes him very unappealing to say the least.
  2. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    Most likely because it feels like this type of lag shouldn't exist when a player hosts a solo play world for a multiplayer game. It can be interpreted as a problem that Klei just didn't solve, as tends to happen. With how slowly the game is updated and how often problems are not seen, both because of the scale of the game and if you subscribe to the theory that the developers don't play their own game(not to the extent that its players do), it's not a stretch to assume it's something that they don't know about. I know absolutely nothing about multiplayer connection management, so I'd like a source on this if you happen to have it. There's also the essential question: if there's only one player in a solo world, why is this delay necessary?
  3. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    i thought the point of forums was to discuss things in text form
  4. I have some feedback on the next character refreshes going forward. So far, the character refresh is structured like this: 1. The character chosen for the refresh is announced. 2. A week or so before the actual update, the perks are shown to the community. 3. The character is released to the main branch. I feel that this process doesn't allow for much feedback or change of the original plan when presented to the community. It's quite inflexible. My suggestion for step 2: Announce the perks to the community, and ALSO release the current state of the character to the beta branch. That way, the developers can receive more practical feedback for the feel of the character when played in an actual world, rather than speculation on how the perks would function in theory. The character could even be released with unfinished art assets, if that's needed. After all, it is the beta branch and unfinished content is to be expected. I even recall that Slay the Spire's beta branch used placeholder art for various cards in the beta. Would love to see placeholder art in DST, and I imagine so would others. This is what a beta branch is for, after all.
  5. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    For a while I kept hearing about Wheeler being a mobile character but I didn't know what she looked like, so I assumed from the name that she was some kind of hedgehog/porcupine character. ... pfft "wheeler"
  6. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I'd argue that any forum fellating should remain public to keep posters attracted to the thread. Hey. If I were the only one who made an observation or judgement about something would that make it invalid somehow? I'm sure the so-called "vocal minority" has a point. Do you think most people who bought Hamlet visit the forums? Much less bother criticize the game, after how little changes in each update and the slow pace of development?
  7. The BERNIE! Exploit Poll

    To be fair, non-spoiling healing items are mostly inferior to healing foods in their current state.
  8. There are many ways in which healing foods outweigh survival tab healing items. Healing foods are abundant and easy to find and produce.(butterfly wings, blue cap mushrooms, koalephant trunks, pierogi). Also, their spoilage downside is ENTIRELY nullified by the existence of bundling wraps. Seriously, ever since those were added food spoilage has never been a problem in the game. It's ridiculous. My proposed fix for healing foods was to make them heal MORE but make them LESS common and harder to obtain, so that way it would be wasteful to use them at high health but it would be the safe thing to do.....except that bundling wraps exist. So that doesn't seem like it'll fix any. Night armor provides 95% protection, the highest of any armor in the game, tied with a marble suit, but without the heinous speed penalty.(Thulecite crowns and suits only protect 90%). It seems like a tiny difference but in practice it's quite significant. It's also more practical to craft than a marble suit(how often are you going to have rope and marble in hand, really? Nightmare fuel and papyrus are a lot easier to farm.)
  9. Willow normally takes 3 hits from an ice staff to be frozen. But after dying and being resurrected ,it takes 4 like all other characters. I have tested this with me being the player Willow and console spawned Willows.
  10. So Willow is frozen in 3 hits from an ice staff now, vs the usual 4 for other characters. Interesting....
  11. Despite DST being designed to potentially be played endlessly, it does have a progression. Endgame content is further into it.
  12. I love wickerbottom she is balanced in both PvP and PvE definitely doesn't overshadow any character and doesn't have irrelevant downsides............................................................................................
  13. I'm actually going to reply to your first and main point. We don't know if Klei is adding any endgame content. We know they're doing character refreshes, which may or may not be relevant to it(and so far, they haven't been). What do you do once you've killed the Ancient Fuelweaver, which you can accomplish relatively quickly in a world(within the first year)....just kill him again? Do you consider this one boss endgame content? We have some optional bosses, but they don't really call for endgame gear and once again, Klei seems to leave in exploits that make killing them not a challenge in the slightest. Bee Queen fence exploits....ancient guardian pillar exploit...this desire to let players have their cake and eat it too(have hard bosses but an easy way to make them trivial) is no doubt going to bring a lot of players to find the game boring. That last comment is frankly dismissive of people with legitimate gripes about the game not having enough options to be replayable. Klei seems to have a design pitfall in DST where they make something hard but once again, allow exploits to trivialize it or don't properly balance the characters.
  14. This comment has been edited about 4 times. Please restate your coherent argument so I can keep it in mind please
  15. This is what I understand you've expressed across this thread: "Hello. I'm personally satisfied with how the game is right now, I would say it's perfect,but I'm aware other people don't think this. Because there will always be people who aren't, we shouldn't bother changing the game at all because the game changing won't change a very small number of people's opinion on it." Do you consider one boss fight "endgame content" for a game designed to be played endlessly? The game barely has anything to put endgame gear to use. The same gear is used and Klei keeps adding content that falls into very similar design pitfalls. If you compared the game today to just right as it was released out of EA, you would barely notice a difference.