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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    That's a lot of dissapointed fanfic writers. Not that some of them will be discouraged from writing fiction featuring a minor.
  2. I didn't state anywhere in my post that Wes was hard. He's Wilson but you need a bit more food. But you don't make cute noises when you get smacked or when you examine things. Instead you make cursed poses. And mechanically speaking, Wormwood is a better "hard" character, even if he wasn't intended as so.
  3. An Open Letter to Klei

    To be absolutely honest, I skimmed really quickly through your entire post and this last sentence caught my attention. Anybody who argues for a viewpoint thinks that they're correct. This is not unique to the original poster, or to me, or to anybody.
  4. An Open Letter to Klei

    I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't hold your breath just because there's a majority against your viewpoint. Even if you talked to people who were on boat with your idea and seemed to agree with you, there'll be people who just don't agree or don't see it the way you do, and that's all good. I wouldn't go so far as if to speak for everyone, but you clearly didn't mean that, so yea. While I do think that yes, veterans are more familiar with the intricate players and the player experience once the player's used to the game, I'd argue newcomers' thoughts are valuable too, though not for the same reason. A newcomer can give you insight on whether your game is intuitive, the first things that draw the players' attention, and what they find fun. I would've worded it as "veterans who main the character are more familiar with the strategies and efficiency characteristic of an experienced player, so they likely can provide more insightful input." Being specific in your wording, you can prevent people from reading things like "elitism" and "egotistical" into your post. I'd rather not attribute malice when it was likely just clumsy wording. Your post is so extensive that I wouldn't be surprised some things weren't proofread as much. (time to bring up examples of what you're talking about) "hey if you're unhappy with this food you can just eat something else...not that it makes my dish any better. " "look, im happy with how the game is right now, why don't you leave?" . This ignores how if the game actually changed to support the opposing view, they'd likely not leave, but speak here on the forums on how it was a bad idea, etc, etc. As a last note to everyone else, swinging a mallet of 3k hours then claiming you're a veteran player isn't productive. For all I care, you could've spent those hours idling or even be worse than players with significantly less hours. You could have NO hours and have watched enough video and stream content to be very familiar with how the game works. Goodness. Some people can enjoy a badly designed game for thousands of hours, some can't. We aren't invalidating anybody's fun for criticizing the game itself. Criticizing game design =/= criticizing your enjoyment and experience of said game
  5. An Open Letter to Klei

    I think the game is in big need of drastic change at the moment
  6. Wes is unpopular because he doesn't talk , looks ugly, and his perks don't offer much of a playstyle change. Not a particularly fun character to play.
  7. Nothing is stopping you from attacking the mobs that Abigail is also attacking. It actually helps Abigail stay alive if you help her kill them all quicker. However, I'd like the player to have something more unique to do while Abigail is fighting mobs,such as maybe pulling Abigail into some kind of "dodge" state as she's about to get attacked. Interesting decisions make a playstyle.
  8. To think of where Klei might direct their rework, we'd have to consider how the perks work together and the playstyle they lead towards. Here are Wendy's perks right now: -Has a friendly ally that is spawned from killing something , with 600 health that deals damage in an area to anything directly adjacent, highest at night. Regenerates 1 health a second, player needs to wait until a cooldown to respawn the ally.(unless you craft multiple abigail's flowers: each flower has an individual cooldown, so you can avoid it by doing this.) -Herself hits for less damage in combat(only for 3/4 of her damage) -Suffers slightly less sanity drain -Everything else about this character is identical to Wilson, minus the beard. The first perk is obviously the one that alters how you'd play different from the default character the most: Abigail can take the aggro from multiple mobs at once(spider quarry and splumonkeys in the ruins, and beehives stand out), which would normally stunlock the player and make it either extremely dangerous or a tedious and tense experience, depending on the kiting involved. Abigail lets the player tackle these situations that for other characters would be something to avoid. This is the only real difference in playstyle Wendy offers. The second perk means that Wendy just takes longer to kill everything. Due to how combat in DST works(kiting) this translates to almost entirely more time spent killing anything and everything while Abigail is down(and many hard-hitting mobs and bosses WILL often take her out). Since there is no real way to control Abigail, this doesn't offer a difference in playstyle: just more time spent fighting menial mobs when Abigail is dead. The third perk is...very very minor. While a top hat does negate the sanity drain from dusk entirely only for Wendy, the Tam o' Shanter exists and does that for any character. And food items are more impactful when it comes to sanity than individual character sanity drain. To expand Wendy's playstyle, either the one unique perk that changes her playstyle should be refined and expanded on, or other perks to flesh out what Wendy can do should be added. Right now, Wendy's only grace is Abigail. While Abigail is difficult to use at times, she indeed does change up Wendy's playstyle, so it's not nearly as bad as Winona or Wes, who don't offer any playstyle difference. (I'm tired of writing playstyle) If it was easier to keep Abigail alive and ways to have her more manipulable(a way to have her target a specific mob or..perhaps be ABIGAIL HERSELF as @Zeklo says), her playstyle would be more distinct and engaging. Less time fighting as Wilson with 0.75x damage, more time fighting with an ally that can be controlled SOMEWHAT, please. Abigail is supposed to be Wendy's deceased twin sister, it makes sense that they'd be able to syncronize their thinking somehow. Maybe even have Abigail tell Wendy the mobs she's fighting at the moment?
  9. hi field. in your own reply you've stated the exact thing I was talking about: players found ways to adapt to the forced difficulty. you can: -run to nearby mobs -let them die to the hound trap Hound waves show up at somewhat predictable intervals in the lategame: because you can decide when you'll fight nearly every single boss , if hounds show up to the fight, you either failed to consider how long it would take you to kill the boss, or just failed to consider when was the last time hounds showed up. This is not unavoidable. This is preventable and predictable. If you'd like to play the game a certain way, the developers have given the playerbase the option in their settings. There is no need to play by the default settings the developers have chosen: they themselves approve of different ways of play for just including that option. Don't like disease?Turn it off. I don't enjoy players who play with walrus camps set to lots but I'm not here to invalidate that way of play. I don't like disease, but if it's still there, it's surely because the developers who created it find it balanced and want it to stay there. Your assumption that players have made it stay the way like that is no more than that. The settings of the world are up to the host and whether the people that join the server will be fine with them or not. You absolutely can decide the settings that are on the server you host and tell them, outright "no, I'm not interested in playing with this content on." I hate to put it like this, but if you can host a server, you can play with non-default settings, the consequences being that maybe you'll get less players. Also, dichotomy time: -The new content in RoG is 100% optional -The new content in DsT is also optional, other than the character refreshes.
  10. Forced difficulty already exists in DST, believe it or's called hound waves increasing in sizes and frequency with the day count. Would you call for those to be removed? I don't think so(if you do just say so please and thank you). Players have adapted to it to the point that it comes naturally to make hound trap circles(or jump into wormholes). I hardly see anybody have an issue with them. Mind you, nothing in dst is forced either, hound waves are a world setting that you can toggle on and off...just like any default world option should be. Most of the seasonal giants are also situations that work in essentially, similar ways to forced difficulty, but they're based on time rather than player-accomplished conditions. I guess my experience with games is different then, it's far easier for me and my friends to enjoy ourselves when the experience is engaging and we have something to work towards that has some thought behind it. I wouldn't suggest an outright hardmode for DST, but players completing certain milestones making other parts of the game harder would be welcome. That's not so much forced as decided by the player, isn't it?
  11. Sorry for being pedantic, but Willow's perks were announced before the release, then the fire immunity added before the refresh was officially released. Even a change like Willow's (and Winona's, special thanks to everyone who replied to me with "Winona") was very very minor and Klei's development team is resistant to change. Unfortunately with the way things are being done there is not much room for change and the current Woodie design seems to need some BIG changes to be adequate. On another note, I'm genuinely wondering WHY Klei kept the details of the transformations so vague. With the Warly, Willow and Wormwood refreshes , the developers were open about all the changes they were intended and the community provided ample criticism and room for change before the release. I feel being vague absolutely hurt such a...mishandled refresh.
  12. That would imply that we can also pray for the reworks of other characters that didn't go so well. Guess we'll wait to wait another 5 years. No character in the refreshes was changed after the refresh release so I don't think Klei will change anything.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Not to be rude, but it seemed like the one person who wasn't constructive took his gripe to a different thread that they created themselves. it doesn't seem fair to blame the entire thread for it.
  14. Fully in water =/= exposed to rain. Spiders are also supposed to defend their egg and not follow just....a random other spider.(Webber) I could go on with the realism and common sense arguments. Realistic or not I'd like it if Wormwood had more advantages, right now he's far too difficult to play and is the hardest character yet, despite Klei obviously not intending it as such. I think the suggested ones are alright. Though if Wormwood could get his bloom transformation when it rains and not just when it's Spring would be pretty great -- unlike Spring, rain can be manipulated and forced onto the world by the player (telelocator staves/TEIN book), so you don't have to play 36 days to benefit from the bloom transformation.