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  1. I don't appreciate people saying that x time spent in x community makes them more truthful/valid in the community than other people thank you
  2. You used the quantity of positive reviews to argue for something in an earlier post, right? If we're going by that, then yes, let's have DST abandon the core ethos that has been holding it back all this time and be more like games that get more positive reviews. You could also justify plenty of those reviews with the art style, music design, and lore behind the game, not the game design. Your comparison of two games that are already much more successful doesn't really work to prove your point, I'm sad to say. I think that most people who came to DST saw the art style and atmosphere and came for it, not the game design. Have you ever seen it advertised in the store page how good DST's "progression" is? It's emphasis on "trial and error" gameplay? Is how the game plays in this way ever advertised on the store page? Not gonna lie I felt a bit...brand twitter reading that....but...just for verification.
  3. In my experience , the game was quite difficult for me playing this way. I didn't check the wiki, consciously, for...I'd say about 20-30 hours of play, and I improved at an agoniously slow pace, primarily since I played alone and without anyone but my brother, someone who was also new to the game(he got me the game so we could play together). The game felt very very very difficult. At some point I decided to play on my own without him and join public servers. And that's when I started picking up on stuff that made the game seem a lot less...daunting that it seemed when I was absolutely clueless. And suddenly things that were a struggle, like being ready for winter, suddenly were...just nothing. Just do the thing. It was just a checklist. The challenge was gone. Now, some things like boss battles and the ruins still held some challenge(don't get me wrong, there are a few things in dst that are genuinely challenging and not that vulnerable to exploits...the klaus fight stands out). Now, this by itself wouldn't be a problem, that the difficulty relies on playing the game blind, if there was more to the engagement and challenge of the game than just that. It lacks replayability as a result of difficulty relying ENTIRELY on just this. I enjoyed games like Slay the Spire and FTL:Faster the Light during my new days and during my days as a player who understood the mechanics(I have 300+ hours on both of those, not sure if that's meaningful to the discussion but just to be clear). In fact, Slay the Spire withholds practically NO information from the player from the get-go: it explains how cards work and has descriptions that can be seen at any time, which is likely easier due to the game being turn-based, but still. It also has a tutorial when you play it for the first time. Point being: the developers made a game challenging with most information being available to the player about the combats. That's a true accomplishment. I just wish DST could be as good as Slay the Spire. That game doesn't have the most impressive aesthetic and DST easily surpasses it in that way. A game with Slay the Spire's design quality and replayability and DST's aesthetic would absolutely slap.
  4. I'm sorry, it must have been so self-evident to me how bad of an idea that was that I never framed it as anything else but you not understanding what I was saying. I suppose I can't agree with you on this at all.
  5. Okay I might not have explained myself that well. Here's what I meant. -In Don't Starve Together, the fun comes from the "ah yes I figured out how to play I'm 1 step closer to surviving" moments that the game has some can skip all this if you read the wiki. The game relies on you not knowing how to play for it to be fun. That's kind of bizarre isn't it? isn't chess more fun when you know how to actually play? Often a game is more engaging when the participants understand what they even have to do. That's the issue with DST. Once you learn how to play it's often not challenging nor engaging anymore. The game lacking a tutorial is, ironically, the only reason this is possible.
  6. if a game is based on learning the right answers and how to play then the fun ends once you do that. read the wiki. fun's over for dst.
  7. I'd say they're doing a bad job if the dissonance between reading the wiki and playing the game right after is so massive. The average new player in DST dies because they don't know or understand half of the mechanics, which the game doesn't bother to explain(especially the part where you should turn lag compensation that listed the tutorial...oh wait, the game doesn't have a tutorial). Most players find the game hard because nothing is explained to them, and they can wander about for a while without the game explaining some mechanics, some of which are nearly impossible to figure out via trial and error. Ah yes...because the people who know least about the game find it difficult, we are just entitled...really makes you think...we live in a society
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    That's a lot of dissapointed fanfic writers. Not that some of them will be discouraged from writing fiction featuring a minor.
  9. I didn't state anywhere in my post that Wes was hard. He's Wilson but you need a bit more food. But you don't make cute noises when you get smacked or when you examine things. Instead you make cursed poses. And mechanically speaking, Wormwood is a better "hard" character, even if he wasn't intended as so.
  10. An Open Letter to Klei

    To be absolutely honest, I skimmed really quickly through your entire post and this last sentence caught my attention. Anybody who argues for a viewpoint thinks that they're correct. This is not unique to the original poster, or to me, or to anybody.
  11. An Open Letter to Klei

    I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't hold your breath just because there's a majority against your viewpoint. Even if you talked to people who were on boat with your idea and seemed to agree with you, there'll be people who just don't agree or don't see it the way you do, and that's all good. I wouldn't go so far as if to speak for everyone, but you clearly didn't mean that, so yea. While I do think that yes, veterans are more familiar with the intricate players and the player experience once the player's used to the game, I'd argue newcomers' thoughts are valuable too, though not for the same reason. A newcomer can give you insight on whether your game is intuitive, the first things that draw the players' attention, and what they find fun. I would've worded it as "veterans who main the character are more familiar with the strategies and efficiency characteristic of an experienced player, so they likely can provide more insightful input." Being specific in your wording, you can prevent people from reading things like "elitism" and "egotistical" into your post. I'd rather not attribute malice when it was likely just clumsy wording. Your post is so extensive that I wouldn't be surprised some things weren't proofread as much. (time to bring up examples of what you're talking about) "hey if you're unhappy with this food you can just eat something else...not that it makes my dish any better. " "look, im happy with how the game is right now, why don't you leave?" . This ignores how if the game actually changed to support the opposing view, they'd likely not leave, but speak here on the forums on how it was a bad idea, etc, etc. As a last note to everyone else, swinging a mallet of 3k hours then claiming you're a veteran player isn't productive. For all I care, you could've spent those hours idling or even be worse than players with significantly less hours. You could have NO hours and have watched enough video and stream content to be very familiar with how the game works. Goodness. Some people can enjoy a badly designed game for thousands of hours, some can't. We aren't invalidating anybody's fun for criticizing the game itself. Criticizing game design =/= criticizing your enjoyment and experience of said game
  12. An Open Letter to Klei

    I think the game is in big need of drastic change at the moment
  13. Wes is unpopular because he doesn't talk , looks ugly, and his perks don't offer much of a playstyle change. Not a particularly fun character to play.