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  1. The plantcreature was looking energetic! Maybe its tummy wasn't sick? Mandragora didn’t know what sort of plantcreature this was, so she didn’t know what other reason it would have to spit out stomach contents. Unless… It was a gift! Mandragora looked excitedly at the vomit puddle. “Thank you for your gift, plantcreature!! My muffin will taste much better after you cooked it!!” She scooped up a handful of the liquid with her knife, and looked at it wide-eyed.
  2. Mandragora looked at the stretched arm, and had the urge to touch it, but the meatperson pulled it away before she got the chance. So Maurice the meatperson was a journalist. She thought she’d heard that word somewhere. “Meatperson Maurice!! What is a journalist??” She then heard her plantcreature friend regurgitate a little bit of food. Mandragora was startled at the noise at first, but then twirled her appendages together and looked sheepishly at him. “I think…I baked you too many dirt-cakes...”
  3. Mandragora turned to the nervous-looking meatperson…who was asking her for her name? This made her think it was a little less spooky. Just a little. “My name…is Mandragora!! Do you have a name too??” she asked curiously.
  4. Mandragora turned at the sound of whimpering. She saw the plantcreature feeling sad, and put down her dirt muffin next to the massive meatperson before going to her friend. “Don’t worry, plantcreature!! The spooky meatlizard is leaving!! We’re safe again!!” She hopped in her place and smiled at her friend.
  5. As the meatlizard rejected her muffin, Mandragora panicked a little. How would she avoid being eaten around a hungry meatlizard? Then the meatperson with the cutting tool approached, spooking Mandragora, and she brought her appendages closer to her face. She was surprised to hear it ask for the muffin, and brought them down again. Perhaps she could avoid being eaten by another meatcreature? “No!! You can eat it!!” She offered her muffin forward.
  6. The plantcreature was talking about her, and something about not eating? Was it talking about her muffin? “This muffin is for the meatlizard, plantcreature!!” Mandragora skipped closer to the plantcreature, both for safety and to whisper: “If meatlizard is full he won’t eat me!!"
  7. “Loyal…companion…so you are the meatlizard’s master?” Mandragora could not help but think about her own, but then she looked back at the meatlizard. Despite hearing that it was not aggressive, she wondered if an empty stomach could change that. She refused to wait and find out. “You need food, meatlizard!! I’ll make you a muffin!!” Mandragora stabbed the soil, and drew a circle around herself. Then she tore the finely baked dirt-pastry out of the earth. She offered it forward to the meatlizard, and tried to smile. Would the meatlizard like soil? “Tasty dirt!!” she said nervously.
  8. Mandragora was wary of the meatpeoples and meatlizard ahead, and she tried to walk behind her new friend. She looked at the meatlizard’s changing expression and tilted her head at the plantcreature’s confusion. Truthfully, she didn’t understand what the meatlizard was doing either. Mandragora slowly moved closer to the only meat-person that didn’t look scary. She assumed she must’ve come with the meatlizard, which surprised her. “Um...how can you travel with that terrifying meatlizard? It really scared me when he didn't like its food!!"
  9. Mandragora realized the meatperson was talking about her as soon as she heard her say "other plant thing". She also heard her say that they were leaving. "I want to go with you, plantcreature!! You are great and you love my cake!! None of my plant friends have ever talked to me before!" Mandragora looked at the group of meatpeoples. One of them would not stop making loud noises and making sudden movements, the other had a creepy , very shiny arm, one of them opened their mouth with their meatappendage, and then there was that meatperson with a massive cutting tool. They were the spookiest, scariest meatpeoples she'd ever seen. And the meatlizard could eat her in one bite. She faced her friend, and crossed her imaginary hands. "But...can you keep the meatpeoples away from me if they attack me?"
  10. The strange meatperson had joined the rest of the meatpeoples. That’s what it seemed like to Mandragora. And the meatlizard wasn't paying attention to them. She felt like she wasn’t in danger anymore. She suddenly turned back to the plantcreature, and it looked scared, from the whimpering noises it was making. “Don’t worry…tasty dirt will make you feel better!!” She stabbed the dirt with her knife, cut a slice of the soil beneath her, and offered it forward. “Yum!!”
  11. (The plantcreature is referring to Luma. She wears a plague doctor mask and it sort of looks like a long bird beak.)
  12. Mandragora suddenly felt something on her appendage. She was surprised and looked back at the plantcreature, and then noticed an odd meatpeople with a long head, approaching. She let go of her friend’s horn and gave a little hop towards her cake-cutting knife, and hurriedly picked it up. Then she looked up, and stared at the meat person ,wide-eyed, never having seen one like it before.
  13. Thankfully, for Mandragora, she was light for her size---an easy lift for the plantcreature and she was uprooted from the soil. She let out a sigh of relief, but then she turned her head towards the cake-cutting knife. She tried to reach for it with one of her appendages, holding on to the plantcreature’s head with her other appendage.
  14. The plantcreature had put its head next to her. Was it trying to help? She let go of her cake-cutting knife and hurriedly wrapped her appendages around its horns as tightly as she could. As she did, she heard faint giggling coming from the nearby foliage, and even noticed the meatlizard turn its head in the direction of the noise. She could not help but to look at it.
  15. (Actually I'm sure nameless-eater didn't say anything to Sunrider upon his arrival) Mandragora noticed the plantcreature run behind her for safety. This made her more terrified of the meatlizard in front of her. However, it was not attacking, but holding it's ground and making strange, terrifying noises with it's throat. She realized...it clearly did not like what it ate! "Meatlizard is trying to spit out his meal!! Let's run while it throws it out!!" Mandragora pushed herself up with her appendages, trying to burst out of the ground. But she was too weak to uproot herself in one go.
  16. Mandragora was baffled at the plantcreature’s response. “You don’t know what a name is? Nobody ever told you…?” Then she noticed something behind it. Something large. And it was coming closer. Her expression turned to panic, concern for herself—and her new friend. “MEATLIZARD!!” she shrieked and pointed at the creature approaching, cake-cutting knife in her grasp.
  17. Mandragora scooped up as much dirt as she could manage in the cake-cutting knife, then offered it forward. She was eager to know more about the talking plantcreature that could actually talk to her. "I'm Mandragora!! What's your name...cone...plant...creature?"
  18. “Its dangerous out there?” The group of meatpeoples surely couldn’t be all bad if this plantcreature had followed them. Except that they probably had no taste in fertilizer. Probably never even tasted fertilizer. Mandragora pushed herself upward on her appendages, leaving her neck and everything above it exposed. "Hi!!" she tilted her head left and grinned at the creature. "Want more dirt?"
  19. “You really ARE a plant!” Mandragora scooped up some more soil and offered it to the leafy creature. She then looked at the rest of the group, not too far away. “Are you with those meatpeoples over there?”
  20. “Aw…you cant reach it!! I’ll give you some!!!” Mandragora reached for her cake-cutting knife(which was buried with her in the same hole)and scooped up a little bit of soil. She then held it up, offering it through the forest ground. “tasty dirt!!!!”
  21. As Mandragora got a closer look at the creature, she noticed the leaves around it. Was this a plantcreature, then? It was unlike any she’d even seen before. She tilted her head to the side, fascinated. "Do you like this soil too? It's tasty!!" she whispered to the creature.
  22. At sight of the…creature…investigating the forest ground, Mandragora stopped moving completely.
  23. Mandragora was curiously watching the group of unfamiliar faces, her body buried under the earth, a short distance away, her flower only visible. Why were these meatpeoples in the forest? Though she wanted to follow them, the sudden appearance of the giant meatlizard startled her, and she stayed buried. Though, their reactions to the meatlizard amused her. “Hee hee…” she giggled quietly.
  24. Klei really put a lot of thought into this boss. The Klaus even grows enraged if you telelocate the deer!
  25. Killer Bees and Butterflies don't stack properly in bundles.