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  1. Are we being thrown into the ring already? Augh!!! Do these rustmen know anything about preparation? …Wait….what…? Mandra shook her head and looked around her quickly. Her panic quickly faded when she realized they were just…in another room. “Whew…” She picked up her bag , and stood up, holding onto the shapeshifter’s hand.
  2. Just one thing: You'd like to keep that RP...a self contained story? Alright that terrible pun is all I needed to do I'm ready to go on now
  3. Mandra pondered for a few seconds on how to express her thoughts on her past. “I used to hate the weeds I saw in the gardens outside. Now, I even miss those...” She subtly gazed at the dusty rustman the clown pointed to, hoping not to be noticed staring at him. Abandoned by the train. Is he defective? A rebel, maybe? “Oh…!” Mandra realized she’d been asked another question. “My flower --- unlike the weeds, is not common. I found one-” she let out a few coughs “-and considered it a lucky find. Since I found it after…the rustman takeover...” …Lucky find… “…as bleak as this wagon is, it has…interesting people. Nobody here is…mundane. And they all just arrived…” I wonder how I fit into all of this.
  4. Mandra returned the smile, and was dumbfounded for a moment when the masked man changed in appearance, then followed with a chuckle. “Wagon life is bleak. Not that where I was before was much better, but there was so much more outside…” A trinket from my past…of course…! Mandra hurriedly reached into her bag, and rummaged diligently for the purple-capped mushroom she revealed. It looked like a pasty, black fluid was very slowly melting down from the cap. “These ink-caps were just about everywhere –” she crawled closer to the transformation expert “--much like a plague, except it was the best meal around. This train doesn’t even have em!” She gave a quick glance to the clown, and then turned back to the disguised man. “That clown…might have seen more of this world. He speaks of glory in killing, and I haven’t even fought anyone…”
  5. Mandra was lost in thought, wondering what to ask the insane, yet more experienced clown. Survive…I just have to survive…but knowing how to fight would be good. Human meat is energetic. “Uhm…so how did you get to liv-” She then realized the clown had gone over to someone else. Just keeps moving all about, huh. Pleasant. Might as well get back to that masked fellow. Mandra crawls past the scaly fellow, and sits down. She gestures to the masked man with her fingers, bending them back and forth, sideways and crossing them together, hopelessly trying to imitate his transmutation skills.
  6. “Aiiiieee!!” shrieked Mandragora, startled by the rustling in the bushes. She held onto her knife and tried to jump into the hole to hide from any meatbeasts that came from the darkness. However, being dizzy made her lose her balance, and she fell facefirst onto the hole instead. She flailed her feet around, trying to use her appendages to stand up.
  7. Once the alien act of craftsmanship was complete, Mandra gazed at the replica of her withered flower, fascinated. “…Looks…good…” It felt strange to hold it. She looked at it from all angles, and tried to put it in her hair. Not bad at all. Of course, the balloon wouldn’t stay in place. Nonetheless, she gave a faint smile looking at it. “Lifeless…” a barely audible whisper came from the Adornment. …But...like these rustmen...it is a twisted , dead, copy... The brief smile faded from her face. She turned back to the clown. "Are we...all fated to become balloons? Just...a bright and simple copy that is mostly air?"
  8. Mandra’s trance was interrupted by the clown’s words. She turned her head quickly as he spoke, flinched away, and almost let out a shriek. When she processed that he had said, her panic was mollified , partly. “U-uhm…a balloon?” she asked intriguingly. What to make a balloon of? Hmm, I guess… She scratched her hair with her fingers, and stopped at her flower. …Anything to replace this withered garment. “Could you make a...flower like mine? One that looks alive? Mine used to have bright red petals and yellow pistils.”
  9. The clown was jumping about, from threatening the peculiar ooze fellow to decorating the lizard-like man, to grooming himself with his own clothes. Was that lizard-man always there? He blends in well. The knocks coming from above shook her up. Mandra stayed put in her corner for a few minutes. Then, she noticed the masked man…growing fingers? Like the roots of a tree, the growth never stops...until it dies , that is. The thought hit home...they were to fight to the death, after all. She watched the act of legendmain, mesmerized. Crawling closer to the scaled fellow would surely give her a better view.
  10. It took Mandragora some effort to get back up. She struggled to skip around with her knife in hand. She turned toward the closest tree, and skipped to it. “…I…will dig a hole to sleep in…!!” she said groggily. Then she stabbed the earth , and tried to dig. Tired and dizzy from the best day ever wasn't a good state to dig in. “Plantcreature...could you help me…?” she said, looking at him, her drowsy gaze unable to detect him.
  11. When the masked man fixated on her for so long, Mandra looked away. Then it struck her that she still had moss on her thumb. She brought it all inside her mouth, relentlessly picking away the moss with her tongue, and covered her face with the other hand. Her pleasant feeding was interrupted by the clown’s antics. Please, no more crazed ballads…how can a man seem so stylish yet be so mad? I wonder if he lost his sanity in the madness of this train...maybe a real circus would've been enough! This last thought was the most entertaining one she'd heard from herself today. She tried to hold back her laughter.
  12. Mandra jerked up at the sound coming from the moss-infested voice vent. She rubbed her eyes , then let out a cough.. Ugh. Don’t these rustmen understand that sleepy gladiators suck at fighting? Just as I was finally sleeping, they have to tell us a little message. No matter how long she laid on the cold, metal floor, she couldn’t get back into her nap. She lifted her head from the floor and looked around. She pulled out her plastic bag and started rummaging in it for a snack. Dark green. Is this the only moss that grows here? Like those rustmen, one and the same. Outside the world was in ruin. The world of people, certainly. The world of plants was thriving and successful. But this train didn’t even have windows to gaze upon it. The voice of the masked man snapped her back to reality. “Lions”? That’s a funny word. She wanted to ask him what he meant. In the end, she just managed to stare at him, very confused.
  13. I like the way the sandstorm in the desert opaques the HUD somewhat, but not so much that you can't see your inventory. Adds a tiny bit of immersion to it.
  14. It's time to jump into this BANDWAGON on an RP! Here's my 100% original character who is not at all derivative. Not at all. She seems like a real TRAINWRECK of a character, doesn't she? That was my last train pun I swear Sorry for taking so long with this.
  15. Maurice was going to help her find her master! Maybe this meatperson wasn’t so bad after all! “Yay!!” Mandragora skipped happily around Maurice, completely disregarding his personal space. Eventually Mandragora became too tired to continue skipping, and stopped in place. She looked dizzily at Maurice. “Unnnhhh…my master…he is a plantcreature like me…red eye…green cellulose…and the head of a bulb…!” she said as she tried to keep her balance. Then she fell on her face, still conscious.
  16. Mandragora listened intently to the meatperson's words. When he finished speaking, she looked off into the dark woods and gazed absentmindely at nothing specific for a moment. "You can learn for me...can you learn where my master went for me??" As she said this, she looked straight into Maurice's face and her eyes widened with hope, her mouth bent into a smile.
  17. Mandragora noticed the moon was shining in the night sky. When did it get so dark?? What a day! She’d met a talking plantcreature, and became friends with it! And a group of spooky, scary meatpeoples! A shiny arm meatperson, a not spooky meatgirl, a mouthperson, a cutperson, a terrifying meatlizard, and a nervous meatperson, Maurice… And then she remembered. She turned around to look for the nervous meatperson. She thought she saw him in the nearby bushes. She pouted , hopped closer, and pointed with her knife. “Meatperson Maurice!! You never told me what a journalist is!!”
  18. What qualifies as contraband? (No , the character I have in mind wouldn't be able to smuggle elephant tusks.)
  19. Mandragora heard something hit the ground behind her. There she saw the spooky meatperson with the long mouth, and the other one with the shiny arm. She took a bite out of her slice of soilpie and looked curiously at the mouthperson. “Do you…like soil?? The soil in this forest is tasty!!” She ate the rest of her soilpie and brought her appendages to her cheeks. She wanted to savor all of it. And to keep the meatpeople around her fed to avoid ending up in their tummies.
  20. Mandragora was tired from hopping after her friend, trying to keep up with his running. As soon as they were out of sight of the meatbeast horde, she lay down on her belly. “Need…dirt…” She took a nibble out of the soil. The taste made her smile. Then she took a bigger bite out of it. She stoop up and hopped in delight. She hadn’t tasted soil…since she was buried in that hole. And then she was cutting a slice of fine soilpie for herself, all the while gazing upon the beauty of this soil, fascinated.
  21. The licking at least got rid of some of the sticky fluid. Mandragora was wondering if this was healthy for her friend, but the meatgirl’s words got her attention. Escaping the scary looking flying meatbeasts was probably the best idea. She picked up her cake-cutting knife, then looked towards the forest and pointed at a random direction. “Let’s go!!” she gestured to her plantcreature friend with her left appendage, waiting for him to start moving.
  22. Suddenly Mandragora was gripped between two talons, wind blowing around her. She’d been unable to hold on to her knife and had dropped it by the plantcreature. “Let me go, you meanie!!Meatmeanie!!” she said as she tried to struggle free. And then it smelled like fire, and she was free—falling to the ground. She went into a panic—short-lived, as she hit something sooner than she’d expected. Then she saw the not-spooky meatperson…and the meatlizard’s head? Mandragora was surprised. The meatlizard had…saved…her? “You eating me is better than the bat eating me!! I think!!” she said to her savior. As soon as she was on the ground, she looked around for her plantcreature friend. Was he still..alive? She caught a glimpse of him, and immediately hopped towards him. “PLANTCREATURE!! YOU’RE ALIVE!!” she hugged him, but got away when she felt the glowing drool on his body. “Aie!! Sticky!!” she tried to clean herself with her appendages, but to no avail.
  23. Mandragora hopped back as quickly as she could to avoid being bitten, so fast that she lost her balance and fell on her back. She stood up and looked at the soil she landed on. It was loose. She scooped up a spoonful of it. “Meanie meatcreature!! Leave my friend alone!!” she yelled to get its attention, and used Sand-attack flung it at its face.
  24. As Mandragora was about to open her mouth to eat, meatperson Maurice had started to run away from them. Had she scared the meatperson by eating her friend’s gift? She didn’t understand the eating habits of meatpeoples. Why should they understand the habits of plantpeoples? Then she heard many trees crumbling around a giant…meat....creature? She was terrified of how easily the beast had smashed through the trees. “AIIIIIIEEEE!!!” she screamed in fear, and hopped to her plantcreature friend, and panicked, dropping the Grade-A industrial fertilizer puddle on the soil.